Complimentary Web Seminar: How the Impending Facebook and Google Invasion Will Revolutionize MR

Title: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Speakers: Kevin Lonnie & Sean Holbert, KL Communications
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT

Presenters: ‘ Kevin Lonnie, CEO & Founder, KL Communications
                     ‘ Sean Holbert, Executive VP, Client Relations,

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About the web seminar:
This webinar will examine the opportunities presented by New MR (e.g. social media listening, mobile, text analytics, MROCs, Crowdsourcing, Neuromarketing, etc.) and offer recommendations/best practices on how to bring them into your research arsenal.

Over the next ten years, the MR industry will see its relationship with consumers evolve from respondents to participants. And we will best achieve this new collaborative relationship by weaving our research tools with the interactions provided us via social networking.

Attendees will learn about:

  • ‘ Social Media Listening: How to integrate conversations about your brand into your traditional MR to validate findings and generate new hypotheses.
  • ‘ Gamification: Survey designers will need to become survey engagers in that it will be as important to create an appealing fun environment as it will be to craft questions.
  • ‘ CrowdSourcing of New Products/Services: Passionate customers don’t want to just sit on the sidelines, they want to participate in the creation process.
  • ‘ Neuromarketing: Learn what consumers really think about your new product/ad with a roadmap of firing neurons that words just can’t equal!
  • ‘ MROCs: No longer just one sided conversations. MROCs will evolve so that members largely determine the content, allowing clients to tap into the wisdom of their passionate customers.
  • ‘ Mobile: Finally, we can capture customers in the moment of their purchase decision.
  • ‘ The Impending Facebook and Google Invasion: Utilizing their massive proprietary database, these goliaths are well positioned to dominate our industry unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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CALL FOR PRESENTERS: Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit

The Institute for International Research (IIR) presents: Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit, June, 2012

Due to the high volume of submissions, we suggest you submit your proposal early and no later than Friday, January 13, 2012 to Stacy Levyn, Conference Producer at or 646.895.7335.

Total Customer Experience Leaders is an event that showcases trends, insights and best practices for measuring, aligning and communicating your customer experience strategy to ensure business relevance.

3 Full Days of NEW Topics
Day 1: Customer Experience Design & Measurement
‘ Experience Engineering
‘ Design Management
‘ Redesigning a Program
‘ Analyzing VoC
‘ Data Deployment and Data Dissemination
‘ Social Media Feedback
‘ New Innovative Methodologies
‘ Internal Customer Index Scoring vs. NPS
‘ Enterprise Feedback Management

Day 2 & 3: Strategic Thinking & Action Planning
‘ Using VoC to Take Actionable Insights
‘ Alignment
‘ Employee Engagement
‘ Monetizing Your Customer Experience
‘ Recovery Strategy
‘ Linkage
‘ Customer Service

High Level General Sessions that Focus On:
‘ The Rising Role of the CCO
‘ Innovation & Creativity in Customer Experience
‘ Operational Perspective
‘ Digital Customer Experience
‘ Leadership
‘ Behavioral Economics

Plus! Idea gathering forums following each session topic.
The Audience:
‘ Individuals within the company responsible for customer experience, voice of customer, customer research
‘ Individuals with direct experience for the customer experience and/or voice of customer collection, dissemination, interpretation and results
‘ Individuals seeking to enhance their own company’s capabilities in these areas (become more customer-centric and drive business results through improved customer experience), and willing to help others advance through sharing of best practices and experiences
Speakers receive FREE admission to the conference as well as any pre-conference activity such as workshops or symposium.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities
If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibit opportunities please contact Jon Saxe, Business Development Manager at or 646.895.7467.

Interested in Becoming a Media Partner or Featured Event Blogger?
Contact Kacey Anderson, Marketing Manager, at

Call for Presenters:
For consideration, please email with the following information by Friday, January 13, 2012.
‘ Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
‘ Contact information including address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail
‘ Talk title
‘ The main theme you plan to address
‘ Summary of the presentation (3-5 sentences)
‘ Please indicate what is NEW about the presentation
‘ What the audience will gain from your presentation (please list 3-5 key ‘take-aways’)
‘ Previous conference experience
‘ Short bio

Due to the high volume of responses, we are unable to respond to each submission. All those selected to participate as speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Thank you for your interest in the Total Customer Experience Leaders conference. We look forward to receiving your proposal!

The Market Research Technology Event Full Program Now Available!

From market research to business intelligence, the tools available are growing exponentially, the knowledge available is astounding, the game is changing, and therefore, so are we.

We proudly present the new and expanded: Market Research Technology Event, a holistic synthesis of intelligence, insights and implications. This is an event with practical lessons, productive debate and inspirational messages for moving forward and driving innovation in your organization.

We are arguable in the midst of the most major sea of change the industry has ever seen. Historically market research has been the main driver of data collection – but now, with the explosion of data available and convergence of so much data – researchers are expected to perform data integration, aggregation and prediction alongside their data collection.

Don’t forget, as a reader of this blog, we’d like to offer you an exclusive discount of 15% off the standard rate when you register and mention code MRTECH12BLOG! If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email Jennifer Pereira at

Welcome to 2012: The Year (or Decade?) Of The Customer

I came across this discussion on Focus this morning and thought it would be the perfect way to start off 2012 here on the Customer’s 1st blog. 

As we saw throughout 2011, customers are increasingly empowered to share their experiences (be it via Twitter, Mobile Apps, or elsewhere online) leading to the need for a holistic digital customer experience strategy. As we conducted our TCEL podcast series this past summer, this need was repeatedly confirmed by our industry experts.

Going back to the original Focus discussion, the first poster posits “customers are finally feeling their own power. Bank of America and Netflix are two great examples of when customers said “No!”” And it’s certainly true that the digital world provides myriad opportunities to do so. This calls to mind my other main takeaway from our Storyteller Spotlight Series and all of our exploration in 2011: that the need to make a more personal, human connection with customers in this highly digitized world (perhaps by “walk[ing] a mile in your customer’s shoes.”) is more important that ever.

So, will 2012 be the year of the customer? Is this “The Decade of The Customer”? What do you think?

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at

Online television viewing habits in the UK slowing

The growth of online television program viewing in the UK is slowing.  According to The Guardian, between November 2010 and 2011, there was a growth of 5%.  In the group of 4,000 viewers, 11.2% of them watched television onilne in 2010 and a small increase of 14.4% watched TV online the next year.

What could be causing the slowing growth is the increasingly easy to access set-top-boxes on demand and rewatch instantly services.

However, with internet television growing slowly in the UK, one area intersting area seeing growth is the viewing of  television shows on mobile devices. This was up from 1.9% in 2010 to 3.0% in 2011, the demographic showing the most growth was age 15-39, with a growth from 5.8% to 9.8% in the span of a year.

This year at The Audience Measurement Event, TiVo & Acxiom will be on hand to present Your Segments ‘ Their Viewership to look at who watches television, where, and how to best invest your advertising medium through this medium.  For more information on this session and the event,download the brochure.

“Running The Gauntlet” in 2012

It’s 2012 and we’re back to blogging some of our favorite digital marketing content. Today we wanted to send out a special “Congrats” to “Celebrity CMO” Jeffrey Hayzlett, who will be chairing our upcoming event, The Mobile Marketing Conference.

Hayzlett’s new book “Running the Gauntlet” is out today! Click through here for more info. You can also follow his blog The Change Agent, for content like the video below.

For more about The Mobile Marketing Conference, join our communities:
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Augmented reality glasses on the way from Google?

Can you imagine walking around with a pair of glasses on and targeted information appears in the lens of your glasses?  According to a recent post from Fast Company, Google is working very diligently at making this a reality.  Their connection with the Android makes the technology possible, and their extensive database with user information would allow anything that appears on the glasses lens to be selected specifically for the user.

At this year’s The Market Research Technology Event, we’ll have a full day symposium on Mobile Research & Technologies Symposia, which looks specifically at new technologies like this that can look at how people use technology on the go, and possibly how augmented reality could fit into the picture in the future. As a valued reader of The Market Research Event’s blog, we’d like to offer you an exclusive discount of 15% off the standard rate for The Market Research Technology Event when you register and mention code MRTECH12BLOG! If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email Jennifer Pereira at or visit the webpage.

What impact could technology like this have on the user?  What would be the advantages for marketers with an augmented reality like this?