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Have you heard the news? The producers of The Market Research Event and Shopper Insights in Action are bringing you The Audience Measurement Event, an event focused on understanding and translating consumer media consumption.

For 2012, we invited the most visionary thinkers and future forward industry pioneers to share real world case studies and new, never before seen content.

Joining us as a keynote is world-renowned cognitive scientist, Deb Roy, CEO of Bluefin Labs, a tenured member of the MIT faculty and director of the Cognitive Machines Group at the MIT Media Lab. In his recent Harvard Business Review Blog post, Roy shares insight on the implications of social engagement to mass media. At the event Deb Roy will share what this means for brands. (Mass Media’s New Engagement Measures)

Keynote Spotlight: Closing the Gap Between Social Media & Mass Communication –

People have always talked about what they watch on television – be it sitcoms, sports or commercials. The emergence of social media platforms now makes it possible for people to voice those opinions publicly, frequently, in real-time and on a scale previously unheard of. Bluefin Labs’ innovative technology links social media comments directly to their televised source, enabling networks, brands and advertisers to gain deep insight into how audiences are responding.
‘ The benefits of understanding how audiences react to TV
‘ Eye-popping visualization of the social response to mass media
‘ Actionable insights for optimizing programming, ad planning and creative decisions

It’s finally the event your industry has been asking for – 100% real world, new perspectives and practical in every way. Download the conference brochure for full details.

If you’re passionate about what’s happening now and what’s next, join us. Save $400 when you register today. Mention your exclusive Code: AMBLOG. Register here.

News Round-up: 2011 milestones and 2012 Tech Trends

Going forward in 2012 we’d like to provide you with some occasional round-ups of some of our favorite finds from around the internet.

This week was full of treasures, first of all one of our favorite resources for inspiration Design Mind by Frog Design released their 2012 Tech Trend Predictions. Check out the slideshow below, or head over to their blog for more in-depth info. Our favorite trends? “Connected Cities” – or the increased convergence of the digital with the physical and local – and “The Reductive Social Network: Technology Finally Gets Personal,” which explores the ways we will narrow our ever-increasing social circles.

Also of interest, The Barbarian Group launched this infographic of 2011 social media milestones. It’s amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come in the past year.

We’ve been closely following the development of Pinterest lately, as more and more sources are buzzing about the new network. Mashable announced this week that Pinterest is amongst the 60 new apps that have been added. If you’re thinking about using Pinterest for business, be sure to check out “Pinterest: A Dream-catcher for Creatives & CEOs” on the Front End of Innovation blog.

Lastly, from the world of Mobile,  a new App, “ReconAge” allows Android phones to be able to judge the age of their users. While this could provide valuable data to marketers, it’s unclear if users would opt in to using the program. Meanwhile, in India, mobile users are now able to download apps via a store at the mall. This post on Fast Company provides more insight into the new world of “Connected Consumers.”

What were your favorite digital marketing links this week? What resources do you turn to?

Customer News of the Week: Getting Social and More!

As we move into 2012 and start looking forward to the next Total Customer Experience Leaders (TCEL) Summit, we’d like to occasionally share with you some of our favorite resources from around the web on customer experience, customer experience design, and customer-centricity.

Here are this week’s picks:
The Social Customer named 2012 “The Year Social Marketing and Social Customer Service Get Cosy” forcasting it as the year that social customer experiences reach maturity where “companies will focus on delivering a complete and consistent customer experience” throughout channels. Plus, NACCM and TCEL favorite speaker Becky Carroll pointed out some great uses of the medium.

Over in our NACCM LinkedIn Group a member shared the following post “Feedback is NOT a sandwich; ‘Where’s the BEEF?’” regarding the best ways to give feedback to employees providing front line customer experiences. A lively conversation on the topic is still happening if you care to join.

Finding inspiration in new and different places, this week the #PRStudChat on twitter featured Jim Joseph, President of Lippe Taylor, and the author of The Experience Effect: Engage Your Customers with a Consistent and Memorable Brand Experience. Joseph discussed customer experience and loyalty in relation to PR, and you can read a recap of the interview here.

What were your favorite customer experience links this week? What resources do you turn to?

Predictions for the Future of Market Research from Industry Insider, Stan Sthanunathan

Prediction from The Market Research Technology Event Keynote, Stan Sthanunathan, VP-Marketing Strategy & Insights, Coca-Cola Co. (Atlanta, GA)”

“The market research industry will not exist in its current form by 2020. Even by 2013, significant, clear signs of evolution will appear…

  • ‘ One or two new players will emerge and become a big industry force by the end of the decade
  • ‘ Technology will dramatically shape the way the insights industry evolves
  • ‘ Big search engines and social media companies – with access to millions of individual insights – will become strong insights industry players
  • ‘ There will be increased emphasis on on technology-enabled observation and listening type research
  • ‘ There will be a dramatic increase in the use of Smartphones
  • ‘ Big Data Analytics – led by consultants and IT giants – will amp up the pressure on traditional full-service industries
  • ‘ As representative samples become impossible, MR will abandon that idea for most research studies”

From market research to business intelligence, the tools available are growing exponentially, the knowledge available is astounding, the game is changing, and therefore, so are we. We proudly present the new and expanded: Market Research Technology Event, a holistic synthesis of intelligence, insights and implications. This is an event with practical lessons, productive debate and inspirational messages for moving forward and driving innovation in your organization.

To learn about this innovative program and for more information on Stan’s session and the complete Market Research Technology Event program here.

The Market Research Technology Event will take place April 30-May 2, 2012, in Las Vegas, NV. As a reader of this blog, when you register to join us and mention code MRTECH12BLOG you’ll receive a 15% discount off the standard rate! If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email Jennifer Pereira.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose The Mobile Marketing Conference

With a plethora of mobile marketing conferences available out there, choosing the right one to invest in can be a daunting task.

Here are the TOP 10 REASONS why The Mobile Marketing Conference (TMMC) is the one conference you should attend:
1. ACTION-ABILITY. TMMC is the only event of its kind designed around action-ability ‘ real world BRAND stories showcasing action and demonstrating value.
2. RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. TMMC will show you how to leverage the mobile medium to build meaningful mobile experiences and convert mobile interactions to transactions.
3. WORLD CLASS KEYNOTES. The best keynotes deliver expertise you urgently need.
- Jeffrey Hayzlett, Celebrity CMO and Founder of THE HAYZLETT GROUP
- Professor Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU STERN & Founder, RED ENVELOPE
- Jason Tester, Futurist, INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE
4. MAKE POSITIVE CHANGE. Hear stories that will give you the inspiration and courage to make positive change. With speakers from: Gilt Groupe, Zappos, Gap, Starwood Hotels, JetBlue, Disney, Pandora, Turner Networks, Sunkist Growers, Capital One, Sony, The Weather Channel and more’
5. HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS. Participate in best in class workshops – ‘Developing Brand Building Apps to Last: Design, Information Architecture & Findability’ and ‘Best Practices in Creating Mobile Websites’.
6. 3 CONCURRENT TRACKS. Concurrent tracks offer deep dives into the mobile medium and allow you to customize your entire experience:
- TRACK 1: Strategy
- TRACK 2: Mobile Experience & Engagement
- TRACK 3: Trends & What’s Next
What to see the full session descriptions? Download the brochure.
7. THE IIR DIFFERENCE. We’ve taken our leading event brands like FUSE, Shopper Insights, Future Trends, The Conference on Marketing and Youth Mega Mash Up and applied best practices from all of them to TMMC.
8. TANGIBLE TAKEAWAYS. All attendees will receive an Executive Summary which synthesizes key learnings from the event.
9. GET OUT OF THE BOX. Learn from experts in various industries to help you think outside the box.
10. NO COMMERCIALISM. Like all IIR events, TMMC will have no commercialism from the podium.

Designed for marketers, by marketers, it is the only event of its kind exclusively focused on marketing in the mobile medium. Harness the power of mobile marketing to further your brand’s reach and impact at The Mobile Marketing Conference. As a readers of our blog, we’d like to offer you an exclusive 15% discount. Register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

We hope to see you in Miami.
All the best, The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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How the Impending Facebook and Google Invasion Will Revolutionize MR

The Institute for International Research invites you to join us for a complimentary webinar, part of the 2012 Consumer Insights Webinar Series: Your resource for insights on the cutting edge.

Title: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Speakers: Kevin Lonnie & Sean Holbert, KL Communications
Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT

Presenters: ‘ Kevin Lonnie, CEO & Founder, KL Communications
‘ Sean Holbert, Executive VP, Client Relations,

Register here.

About the web seminar:
This webinar will examine the opportunities presented by New MR (e.g. social media listening, mobile, text analytics, MROCs, Crowdsourcing, Neuromarketing, etc.) and offer recommendations/best practices on how to bring them into your research arsenal.

Over the next ten years, the MR industry will see its relationship with consumers evolve from respondents to participants. And we will best achieve this new collaborative relationship by weaving our research tools with the interactions provided us via social networking.

Attendees will learn about:

‘ Social Media Listening: How to integrate conversations about your brand into your traditional MR to validate findings and generate new hypotheses.
‘ Gamification: Survey designers will need to become survey engagers in that it will be as important to create an appealing fun environment as it will be to craft questions.
‘ CrowdSourcing of New Products/Services: Passionate customers don’t want to just sit on the sidelines, they want to participate in the creation process.
‘ Neuromarketing: Learn what consumers really think about your new product/ad with a roadmap of firing neurons that words just can’t equal!
‘ MROCs: No longer just one sided conversations. MROCs will evolve so that members largely determine the content, allowing clients to tap into the wisdom of their passionate customers.
‘ Mobile: Finally, we can capture customers in the moment of their purchase decision.
‘ The Impending Facebook and Google Invasion: Utilizing their massive proprietary database, these goliaths are well positioned to dominate our industry unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Register Now. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar. Sponsored by: KL Communications. Please mention your priority code: MWJ0015 ‘ LIDISC

The value of the tablet to market research

From April to September 2011, there was a 73%  increase in the number of emails open on a tablet.  One of the most popular ways for market researchers to collect survey results from respondents is to send emails.  This coupled with the ease and use and portability of the device gives Market Researchers a whole new world to examine when it comes to collecting results for surveys.

However, Kinesis Surveys cations that Market Research not get completely caught up in the new trend, as many consumers are still working on all platforms, and that it is very important to continue to offer the surveys where the consumer will take them, which still includes the PC and via SmartPhones. The need for an integrated, multi modal research plan is more important than ever.

At The Market Research Technology Event, Roxana Strohmenger, Analyst, Forrester, will be on hand to present “Leveraging An Integrative Approach With Multiple Mobile Techniques To Get A Richer Understanding Of The Brazilian Consumer” will look at how Forrester did research in Brazil to get a complete understanding of their customer – connecting with them in the survey format that best suited their customer.  For more information on this presentation and the rest of the event, download the brochure here.  Also, as a reader of this blog, mention code MRTECH12BLOG to save 15% off the standard rate when you register to join us this April in Las Vegas!

In the past year, the tablet has already caused large waves to roll through the traditional market research methods.  What do you see as the role of tablets in market research technology in 10 years?

This Week In Customer Experience

As we move into 2012 and start looking forward to the next Total Customer Experience Leaders Summit, we’d like to occasionally share with you some of our favorite resources from around the web on customer experience, customer experience design, and customer-centricity.

Here are this week’s picks:
“Understanding and Delivering Customer Experiences that Count”, this round-up by Prophet discusses the customer experiences that leaders like Zappos and Starbucks offer and deconstructs the process it takes to get there.

“Courtesy: What Comes Before Customer-Centricity”, this blog post on ClickZ explores some great (and fairly easy to implement!) ways to improve your digital customer experience. Be courteous!

“In Chicago, insurance company launches community caf?? for locals”. One of my favorite resources for new ideas, this week Springwise drew my attention to “Next Door,” a State Farm branded cafe in Chicago that aims to humanize “finances and insurance stuff” by bringing a friendly resource into the community.

What were your favorite customer experience links this week? What resources do you turn to?

Mobile shopping up in the 2011 Holiday Season

Consumers are ready and willing to begin making their holiday purchases on the phone according to a new study from Foresee.  However, return and repeat purchases often depend on the satisfaction of that online shopping experience.  This past holiday season, 34% of shoppers used their cell phones to visit mobile retailers online and 15% of those consumers purchased directly from them.  This is an 11% increase from the 2010 holiday season.  Amazon and Apple ranked as some of the highest in satisfaction with mobile consumers, while Target, Walmart and Sears  ranked among the lowest.  According to Venture Beat, when sites are evaluating their mobile presence for shopping for their consumers, they should also take into consideration that happy mobile customers are 54% more likely to return and purchase a product in the future.

At The Market Research Technology Event, taking place this April 30-May 2, 2012, in Las Vegas, there will be a full day symposium focusing on mobile market research and the impact mobile has on your customers called “Mobile Research & Technologies Symposia.”  Companies featured include Forrester, Nokia and HP.  For more information on this symposia and the rest of the agenda, download the brochure here.  Also, as a reader of this blog, you receive an exclusive discount of 15% off the standard rate when you register and mention code MRTECH12BLOG!

How big of a role do you see mobile shopping playing in the future?  What are some of the best companies, other than Apple and Amazon, best prepared for the consumer experience?

Mobile Marketing for The Travel Industry

January is a big month for the travel industry: with the holidays behind us, many consumers are dreaming of that getaway to escape from the long winter ahead. I see the evidence of this trend every day as my inbox fills up with sales and specials from various travel sites.

So, with this in mind, how should travel brands ramp up to 2012 marketing? Stephen Gates of Starwood Hotels & Resorts (who will be leading our workshop at The Mobile Marketing Conference “Best Practices in Creating Mobile Websites”) recently shared the video interview below with mobithinking.com.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts is one of the world’s largest hotel groups focused on luxury brands, and Gates discusses here how Mobile and HTML5 allow Starwood to create a mobile brand experience that stays true to the unique personality of each of their brands.

Some key takeaways: Travelers are more likely to turn to mobile for information, as it is easier to access in a distant location than traditional internet.
Travelers are looking for largely utilitarian, transactional information (a reservation number or address) and are in a hurry to find it, make it easy to find this information via your mobile site.
Mobile provides an immediate conduit to your consumers while they are currently using your service, users largely access information via mobile while they are staying or just before.

Stephen also shares some ideas about how HTML5 will impact the future of Starwood’s mobile presence. Head to mobithinking.com for more or to view their full series of mobile expert interviews.

Or, to hear more from Stephen Gates, join us this March at The Mobile Marketing Conference. Download the brochure to learn more about his workshop. Save 15% when you register with code TMMC12DIGITAL here.

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Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com