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Have you heard the news? The producers of The Market Research Event and Shopper Insights in Action are bringing you The Audience Measurement Event, an event focused on understanding and translating consumer media consumption.

For 2012, we invited the most visionary thinkers and future forward industry pioneers to share real world case studies and new, never before seen content.

Joining us as a keynote is world-renowned cognitive scientist, Deb Roy, CEO of Bluefin Labs, a tenured member of the MIT faculty and director of the Cognitive Machines Group at the MIT Media Lab. In his recent Harvard Business Review Blog post, Roy shares insight on the implications of social engagement to mass media. At the event Deb Roy will share what this means for brands. (Mass Media’s New Engagement Measures)

Keynote Spotlight: Closing the Gap Between Social Media & Mass Communication –

People have always talked about what they watch on television – be it sitcoms, sports or commercials. The emergence of social media platforms now makes it possible for people to voice those opinions publicly, frequently, in real-time and on a scale previously unheard of. Bluefin Labs’ innovative technology links social media comments directly to their televised source, enabling networks, brands and advertisers to gain deep insight into how audiences are responding.
‘ The benefits of understanding how audiences react to TV
‘ Eye-popping visualization of the social response to mass media
‘ Actionable insights for optimizing programming, ad planning and creative decisions

It’s finally the event your industry has been asking for – 100% real world, new perspectives and practical in every way. Download the conference brochure for full details.

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