Introducing The Audience Measurement Event

Over 10 years ago, we identified an overwhelming need in the marketplace – to create a client-rich Market Research Event that focused on the business value of research. Today, The Market Research Event is the largest, most comprehensive research event in the world.

The research community voice is echoed once again, this time from those charged with media research. With fragmentation and the acceleration of digital, social and mobile, we’ve been asked to apply the same best practices to create this event. Introducing…

The Audience Measurement Event
May 21-23, 2012 | Chicago, IL
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The Audience Measurement Event is focused on the business value and actionability of understanding and translating consumer media consumption. The event features a robust agenda filled with real-world case-studies (from industry leaders including AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Procter & Gamble, Time Warner Cable, TiVO, Hearst Magazine, Turner Broadcasting and more! ) and new, never before seen content by visionary thinkers and future forward industry pioneers. The result is a more comprehensive view on creating your ideal media mix strategy. View the event preview now.

Keynotes include:

  • ‘ David Eagleman, Renowned Neuroscientist, Author, Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain
  • ‘ Deb Roy, Director, Cognitive Machines Group, MIT Media Labs, Co-Founder, Bluefin Labs
  • ‘ Kit Yarrow, Consumer Psychologist, Golden Gate University, Author, GenBuy
  • ‘ Michael Holmes, Director, Insight & Research, Ball State University Center for Media Design

Content Focus Areas:

  • ‘ Consumer Centric Approaches
  • ‘ Measurement & Advantage Analytics
  • ‘ Brand Engagement
  • ‘ Path to Purchase
  • ‘ Consumption & Multi-Tasking Patterns
  • ‘ Content vs. Monetization
  • ‘ Media Integration
  • ‘ Consumer Trends
  • ‘ The Future Media Landscape
  • ‘ Consumer Lifetime Value

We hope to see you among the most visionary thinkers, brand marketers and media powerhouses next May!

Social Media And Millennials (+ An Infographic!)

There’s some debate about what age range, exactly, makes up the Millennial generation, but there is certainly no debate that this is a segment being eagerly watched by marketers around the world.

Scroll on for an infographic shared with us by that includes some interesting digital stats on millennials, including the following:
75% of millennials are on a social networking site
1/5 of this population has posted a video of themselves online
and 74% of millennials feel that new technology makes life easier

You can also read some more stats on this demographic by visiting Pew Research.
Created by: Online Graduate Programs

Five Principles for 3MS: Making Measurement Make Sense Initiative

Net News Click looks at the initiative that starts January 1, 2012, to begin a standardization of metrics across the web and other platforms to make measurement make sense.  The coalition between the Interactive Marketing Bureau, the Association of National Advertisers, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies began outlining goals and principles to begin testing in the first six months of 2012.

In an initiative to make metrics across all platforms make sense:
1. Move toward a standard of ‘viewable impressions’ rather than the served impressions currently counted to measure traffic.
2. Online advertising to move to a currency based on audience impressions, not gross ad impressions.
3. Creation of a transparent classification system to mitigate the myriad ad types found in online media as opposed to traditional media.
4. Acknowledge an industry inundated in digital interaction metrics, many of which are irrelevant to brand marketers. It calls for identifying and defining metrics most valuable to brand marketers and defining and implementing reliable standards for the existing metrics.
5. Making digital measurement increasingly comparable and integrated with other media. Doing so would facilitate cross-media platform planning, buying and evaluation, all of which is presently encumbered by digital’s stubborn exceptionalities.

This will benefit both the buy and sell sides of those who rely on the metrics to make their decisions.  Read more about the initiative here.

Top posts from 2011

As the year wraps up, we’re taking a look back at 2011: back in April we enjoyed the Social Media and Communities 2.0 conference in Boston, and June saw us at the Measure Up event, then the summer months saw us working on our redesign and in the fall we launched our rebranding as the “Digital Impact Blog.”

In between social media and the digital marketing world continued to evolve. The world welcomed Google+, (and then debated its success) and the new social network was one of the top search terms of 2011. In addition we saw the introduction of Facebook’s “Timeline” and the “new new” twitter just launched as well. Zynga’s IPO today highlights the continued growth of social gaming. Let’s look at the top viewed posts from this blog in 2011:

1. Stories of Social Media marketing success from Kraft, Unilever, Ubercool and more Thursday, February 17, 2011
Exploring some of the keynote sessions from the 2011 SocialC20 conference.

2. Does Your C-level Finally Get Social Media? Feb 1, 2011
A guest post by by Sasha Strauss, Managing Director & CEO, Innovation Protocol

3. and 4. #muconf11 Live: Day Two, Measuring the Marketing Mix Jun 7, 2011 and #muconf11 Live: Hot Topics and Prolific Twitterers Jun 6, 2011
These two popular posts featured content from our June Measure Up conference

5. The Social Future Wednesday, March 9, 2011
A guest post by BJ Emerson, Social Technology Officer at Tasti-D-Lite

6. Is Your Business A Social Business? Jun 13, 2011
Featuring one of our social media webinars Social Business: How to Create a Holistic Approach to Social Media with Alex Beauchamp, Senior New Media Manager, Citrix Online

7. Measure Up Podcast Series: Debjani Deb May 19, 2011
This episode of our Measure Up Podcast series featured speaker Debjani Deb of EmPower Research.

8.Social Media and Community Scorecard Examples Monday, February 28, 2011
This post featured generic social media scorecard examples to show how various companies are demonstrating their ROI

9. The State of Online Branded Communities Monday, January 24, 2011
A guest post by Kathy Baughman, Principal & Founder, ComBlu

10. Selecting a Primary Community Platform Part 1 Friday, January 21, 2011
A guest post by by Tim Albright, Director of Community Strategy at Jive Software (which incidently also just had their IPO recently.)

We’ll certainly be looking forward to new developments in 2012, be it in the Mobile Marketing world, social or somewhere else. What are your predictions?

Borderless Access Panels Expands to Argentina

Borderless Access Panels has announced the launch of its latest addition in the growing list of proprietary panels – Argentina. The emerging markets online panel specialist had recently expanded its capabilities from Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico into South Africa, empowering global organizations to conduct research in high potential markets. Close at it heels comes the launch of its Argentina Online Panel.

Dushyant Gupta ‘ SVP, explaining the rationale for choosing Argentina says ‘ ‘Argentina was picked out as the obvious choice in the LatAm region after our establishing a foot print in Brazil & Mexico and also for its growing global significance as the next set of growth driver market in this region”

About Borderless Access:
Borderless Access is the Emerging Market online research specialist with extensive experience in building and maintaining panels across geographies and cultures. Having proprietary panels in Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRIC) plus other emerging markets like Mexico, South Africa and Argentina allows it to reach significant share of global population. Its global partnerships enable clients to reach over 100 million consumers across 65 countries.

Borderless Access is the only online panel company within the emerging markets to be listed as preferred vendor for several Honomichl research companies and Fortune list companies.
Know more at:

Social Media for Innovation & Product Development, See What Top Brands Are Doing

Are you utilizing internal social media to drive idea generation from within the company? Are you leveraging social media to source great ideas from the outside?

Over at our sister blog, The Front End of Innovation, you can find a sneak peek of the upcoming Front End of Innovation EMEA, taking place 27-29 February in Zurich, Switzerland, which will feature full day intensive on the ways top brands such as Philips, IBM, Rabobank, and BBVA are utilizing social media.

Head over to The Front End of Innovation for details on the sessions and to get a 15% discount on registration.

Announcing The Market Research Technology Event 2012!

Last year, the industry was wowed by the first ever Technology Driven Market Research Event. There’s a reason.

In the spirit of our industry flagship, The Market Research Event, we proudly present the new and expanded: The Market Research Technology Event, a holistic synthesis of intelligence, insights and implications. This is an event with practical lessons, productive debate and inspirational messages for moving forward and driving innovation in your organization. This year, TMRTE will take place April 30-May 2, 2012 in Las Vegas.

What’s New for 2012?

  • - Full-Day Neuro-Immersion Workshop run by Dr. A.K. Pradeep
    • One session with Dr. A.K. Pradeep wasn’t enough, so for 2012 we’ve scheduled a full day! It’s an in-depth look at how neuromarketing is being applied to the world of brand, product and packaging design, shopper experience, market research and advertising.
  • - All-Day Intensive on Mobile Research & Technologies
    • As the world grows more mobile and as commerce grows ever more social, the importance of technology to capture data in real time grows exponentially. Learn how the industry leaders from Socratic Technologies, Forrester, Animation Dynamics, Nokia and more, are using Mobile Research in their business.
  • - Expanded Agenda featuring 3 Breakout Tracks Intelligence: Learn about the ground-breaking tools that are being used to collect data, and leverage industry knowledge to expand your company’s technological palate
    • Intelligence: Learn about the ground-breaking tools that are being used to collect data, and leverage industry knowledge to expand your company’s technological palate
    • Insights: Move into the world of application and analyzing processes. See how companies are turning collected data into valuable research insights
    • Implications: Evaluate your intelligence gathered and apply your insights to real-time action plans. Hear successful case-studies from the top client-side companies
  • - All New Keynotes Covering the Latest in Market Research Technology including leaders from The Coca-Cola Company, Institute for the Future and more! For the full list, visit our blog here:
    • ‘ Stan Sthanunathan, VP, Marketing Strategy & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
    • ‘ Michael Tchong, Analyst,
    • ‘ Paul A. Navratil, Ph.D., Manager – Visualization Software, Texas Advanced Computing Center
    • ‘ Jane McGonigal, Director, Game Research & Development, Institute for the Future, Author, Reality is Broken
    • ‘ Dan Ariely, James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics, Duke University, Author, Predicatably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions
    • ‘ And more! 

From market research to business intelligence, the tools available are growing exponentially, the knowledge available is astounding, the game is changing, and therefore, so are we. The complete agenda will be released early January 2012.

As a valued reader of The Market Research Event’s blog, we’d like to offer you an exclusive discount of 15% off the standard rate for The Market Research Technology Event when you register and mention code MRTECH12BLOG! If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email Jennifer Pereira at or visit the webpage.

Catch Up on Customer Care Tips

NACCM 2011 may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we’ve run out of insights from the event.

NACCM speaker JoAnna Brandi (who’s session our guest bloggers covered here and here) is releasing her insights today via her “Return on Happiness” email list as well as the PowerPoint slides from her session “The Spillover Effect: How Positive Work Cultures Enable.”

Subscribe to her list to get access.

And as always, you can follow us throughout the year for more insights and industry information. Join our LinkedIn group to become a member of a worldwide community of customer care professionals, follow us on twitter @NACCMevent or become a fan on Facebook here.

Save 15% on The Mobile Marketing Conference

The world would sooner leave the house without a wallet than a mobile device – making mobile, the new door of commerce. Yet, many of today’s leading marketers still struggle with exactly how much to take advantage of the new opportunities – not only when it comes to connecting but specifically how do you drive transactions?

The Mobile Marketing Conference will show you how to leverage the mobile medium to build meaningful mobile experiences and convert mobile interactions to transactions. Designed for marketers, by marketers, it is the only event of its kind exclusively focused on marketing to this medium.

The Mobile Marketing Conference will arm you with the insights, relationships and courage you need to succeed in the mobile world: capture share of mind, drive transactions and prove ROI.

Here is a quick peek at this year’s conference:

Pre-Conference Workshops:
‘ Developing Brand Building Apps to Last: Design, Information Architecture & Fundability- Rick Gardinier, BRUNNER & Shan Quigley, BRUNNER
‘ Best Practices in Creating Mobile Websites – Stephen Gates, STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS
Download the brochure to learn more about these workshops

Main Conference Keynotes:
‘ Building Brands in the Mobile Medium – Jeffrey Hazlett, THE HAYZLETT GROUP
‘ Maximizing Brand Impact in the Mobile Space – Yonatan Feldman, GILT GROUPE
‘ Mobile Marketing: What in the World is Going on? – Allen H. Kupetz, CRUMMER GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AT ROLLINS COLLEGE & Author, The Future of Less
‘ Mobile Usage Insights: Modeling Mobile Customer Behavior – Peter Fade, WHARTON CUSTOMER ANALYTICS INITIATIVE
‘ Strategies to Measuring Mobile Impact on the Bottom Line – Tom Poole, CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP
‘ Mobile: The Game Changer in Shopper Experience – Catherine Roe, GOOGLE
‘ Digital IQ & Shareholder Value – Scott Galloway, L2
Download the brochure to see full session descriptions.

Main Conference Breakout Tracks:
‘ Track 1: Strategy
‘ Track 2: Mobile Experience & Engagement
‘ Track 3: Trends & What’s Next?
Download the brochure to see track speakers and full descriptions.

We’re offering an exclusive 15% discount to readers of our blog, use code TMMC12DIGITAL to save. Register here.

We hope to see you in Miami.
The Mobile Marketing Conference Event Team

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Pandora looking for traditional measurement to compete with radio stations

Image Source

Pandora owns 4% of all US radio airplay time, but has been challenged by the measurement of their audience to compare their reach with traditional radio stations.  From July 31, 2010- July 31, 2011, earned  $203 million in revenue, $176 million came from advertising.  Every year, radio receives $17 billion in re venue, and Pandora believes that by having a universal audience measurement tool between streaming and air, they can begin to profit more from advertising.  They are working with Arbitron, who believes they will have a solution for Pandora some time in 2012.

According to AdAge, Paul Krasinski, senior VP-digital media at audience measurement company Arbitron, states that his company “will combine over the air and streaming measurement to provide a holistic look at audio consumption across devices, channels and platforms.”

What other benefits does a measurement tool that can compare traditional radio listening and streaming radio listening have for the industry?  Do you see Pandora beginning to profit more from a tool like this?