Can celebrity endorsement help your brand?

The answer is yes, celebrities can help endorse your brand.  However, the trick is to identify the right celebrity to embrace your brand and share it with their followers.  Ipsos recently surveyed an online panel to reveal who were the most influential celebrities to help endorse a brand.  Who were they?  Betty White, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford were the top ranking celebrities. According to the panel, who are the best celebrities to stay away from when looking for celebrity endorsement?  Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen.

This celebrity endorsement topic made me wonder about the newer advertising tool many celebrities and companies.  In this article from the USA Today, they cited that only 11% of US adults are on Twitter and follow their preferences.  So when a celebrity tweets, their audience is automatically self selecting.  Many of the celebrities mentioned were similar to those mentioned in the “Least Trusted”.

Do you think your audience has respect for celebrity endorsement? Do you trust Twitter as a platform to communicate through celebrities about your products?