TMRE Day 2: The Best Profession in the World

Day 2 of The Market Research Event begged us all to step up our games a bit and it’s fair to say that everyone, from speakers to attendees, gave over a larger piece of their brains to the general discourse.

That our brains were better tapped in is prescient – the day was all about two key themes: (1) insights as breakthroughs and; (2) the depths of the mind and how we as researchers can better connect with the deepest of human emotions and connections.

Drs. Sheena Iyengar and Mimi Ito were both phenomenal keynotes yesterday. Iyengar pressed us to look at the depth achievable in simplicity – how simplicity is really the key to connecting with consumers; particularly in aisle.

Ito extended that thinking to a discrete cohort – teens; one that keeps me and my TRU colleagues busy 24/7. The comparative insights of Japanese vs. US youth were outstanding; bringing color and a respected voice to an argument we’ve been making for a couple of years: teens are the flashpoint for innovation and new tech/media adoption.

As we rolled into sessions, it’s helpful to consider some of the more prominent terms in the word cloud above: thinking, insights, research, choice, people and society.

Leaders like Blizzard and the American Cancer Society showed us how to work together better by better harnessing our internal data assets to drive meaningful, communicable insights and building stronger, more flexible terms into client-vendor relationships.

J&J, Intel and others took us into the mind; asking us to balance concepts like the lizard-dog brain with our traditional research views and outlooks. Those two presentations, along with guidance from Kraft, were a fantastic lead into AK Pralad’s presentation on NeuroFocus and the way EEG readings can help us truly tap into the mind’s mysteries.

To sum up the value of yesterday’s discussions would be impossible, but I was struck by a quote from one of the most popular sessions yesterday that had folks clamoring for an encore:

“Market research is the BEST profession in the world” – Stan Sthanunathan of Coke

Hear, hear!