Chadwick Martin Bailey Launches New Customer Experience Management Software: Pinpoint Suite

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Leveraging over 25 years of customer satisfaction research experience, Pinpoint Suite drives management action and improves performance at every level.

Boston, MA ‘ October 27, 2011 ‘ Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB), a Boston-based custom market research firm, today announced the launch of Pinpoint Suite, a customizable collection of web-based tools to improve the usefulness of customer feedback. Pinpoint Suite integrates with existing customer feedback measurement programs to let managers proactively build and strengthen customer relationships and effectively lead performance improvement in their organizations.

‘While companies are spending millions of dollars to measure customer satisfaction, they lack the tools to identify, translate, prioritize, and act on the data they get,’ notes Chadwick Martin Bailey, COO T.J. Andre. ‘CMB found two-thirds of companies report difficulty in translating the data from their customer satisfaction programs into business improvements. Pinpoint Suite fills the gap between the data pipeline and actual insights and business improvements; maximizing existing program investment, and allowing non-analysts to turn data into action.’

‘It’s an application based on basic process improvement: identify a critical issue, determine how to fix it, plan and take action, and, finally, measure the result,’ continues CMB Senior Consultant, Jeff McKenna. ‘The simple-to-use reports and tools enable all employees responsible for managing customer experience to go through each of these phases to make informed decisions and set clear plans of action.’

Pinpoint Suite goes beyond traditional customer experience management tools; it engages managers at each level of the organization and is customized to support specific roles within the company. At the executive level, Pinpoint Suite’s enterprise-wide insights and tools help ex??ecutives prioritize decisions, set plans, and allocate resources. For managers, Pinpoint Suite lets them ‘close the loop’ on systemic issues by providing tools that clearly identify problems to fix, list potential solutions, enable a planning mechanism, and track the results of the actions taken. Real time insights let front-line staff identify, understand, and resolve individual service fail??ures as they occur. Pinpoint Suite combines state of the art analytics with customized, highly-usable, and engaging tools to make high-impact business decisions.

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About Chadwick Martin Bailey
Chadwick Martin Bailey is a Boston-based custom market research and consulting firm who works with many of the most successful companies and best known brands in the world to help them acquire, maintain, and grow their customer base. Founded in 1984 by Anne Bailey Berman and Dr. John Martin, the company has corporate headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, serving clients in more than 30 countries around the globe. Chadwick Martin Bailey focuses on using leading-edge research techniques to collect and translate the data into simple, business decision-focused deliverables.