Qualvu Launches Professional Development Program on Next Generation Market Research

Qualvu Launches Institute of Qualvu (IQ) for Researchers Interested in Enhancing their Value Proposition

Denver, CO ‘ October 18 ‘ As we enter the ‘consumer age’ of empowered buyers who are not afraid to speak up, a new level of customer obsession becomes vital for the success of any business. Consequently, businesses need to move faster and demand real time information and recommendations if they want to keep up with the evolving times. Digital tools have posed new opportunities that can help researchers deliver what today’s business world demands: better, faster, and cheaper insights that inspire more accurate and profitable business decisions. To ease the transition into the digital world of research, Qualvu has launched Institute of Qualvu (IQ), an online program designed to help researchers master everything they need to know about next-generation qualitative research. The complimentary, multi-session program to be kicked off on October 26th, 2011 will engage researchers, showing them exactly how online qualitative research projects work and how they can set them up themselves.

Staying up to speed on the evolving research trends is essential for researchers today, and IQ’s mission is to provide them with the tools to do just that. IQ is targeted at researchers interested in enhancing their value proposition, providing better, faster, and cheaper ways to deliver answers to business questions and digitize their research. Through ten engaging, interactive, and informative sessions, researchers will gain insight on digital qualitative research tools, digital research best practices, and online reporting and analysis.

‘Qualvu is as committed to propelling the growth of the qualitative research space through innovation that delivers superior intelligence that drives decision making as it is to elevating the overall value researchers provide to businesses,’ said John Williamson, Qualvu Founder & CEO. ‘We have proudly partnered with dozens of research firms and independent researchers who have recognized the advantage digital tools pose and established solid partnerships that benefit both parties immensely. Ultimately, it is our goal that every business can access key intelligence and recommendations that answer their questions and help them meet their business goals. We believe that IQ provides a compelling opportunity for every researcher to develop their professional skills and master the digital tools that can help them deliver enhanced value to businesses.’

To register for IQ and learn how you can take your research to the next level, click here.

About Qualvu
Qualvu is the future of qualitative research, inspiring business decisions guided by the voice and face of the consumer. Through streamlined video-based technologies, we collect better human intelligence and deliver superior insights that drive decision making. The Qualvu proprietary platform ‘ DESIGN-COLLECT-DELIVER-SHARE ‘ enables multi-language, global research that drives online reports supported by actionable analysis and video highlights. Capturing behavioral and attitudinal feedback from home, work, in-store, and even in-vehicle, Qualvu delivers new levels of human access. Whether via webcams, flip cams, or the Qualvu mobile app, consumers are empowered to share truthfully; and brands are empowered to gain deeper insights, make better decisions, and share key data across the organization at a value that is changing the game. For more information, visit www.qualvu.com.