Qualvu Launches a New Platform that Encourages Researcher-Stakeholder Partnerships by Enabling Market Research Data Sharing and Encouraging Discussions that Lead to Innovation

Denver, CO ‘ September 23 ‘ Qualvu is known for empowering businesses to connect with their consumers in a more meaningful way so that they can make better business decisions. And the leading video-based qualitative research provider has just launched a platform that takes business empowerment to the next level: Qualvu Share.

Qualvu Share enables stakeholders and researchers to share consumer stories and insights that emerge from rich video highlights via a blog environment. It allows businesses to tap into a private platform that leverages social media dynamics and interactions to share unprecedentedly rich video consumer insights while empowering internal company teams to take a collaborative approach to research data analysis and interpretation. In addition to enabling multi-media sharing, discussions built around consumer candid video comments can be downloaded in the form of a PDF, enabling internal teams to share content not only within their company but also with external stakeholders. ‘Ultimately, our goal is to empower researchers to become more of a thought partner within their organizations by providing transparency and collaboration throughout the research process,’ said John Williamson, Qualvu CEO & Founder.

Insights drive new questions, and new questions drive new opportunities. Businesses can now share and discuss findings on a wider scale, sparking ideas that lead to more innovative, accurate, and inspired business decisions. Empowering stakeholders to share and create conversations around newly discovered insights helps inspire creative business solutions as well as new areas of exploration. By providing a platform on which businesses can share and discuss collected data and insights, Qualvu provides an end-to-end solution that keeps them engaged, gives them a voice, and drives cross-organizational decision-making.

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Qualvu is a sponsor of The Market Research Event 2011.