How are we using our Smart devices?

Media Post recently examined where people are using their smart devices, including phones, eReaders and tablets.  Of the 12,000 individuals surveyed, SmartPhones were more likely to be used while on the go, like at the store (59%) or watching television (68%), and eReaders were the most used device by the surveyed in bed (61%).  Mobile devices are becoming more and more a part of our lives.  How are the uses of these devices changing the way people attend to their surroundings?

If 59% of SmartPhone users are using their mobile device while shopping, how does that affect you as a purchasing option?  Many turn to their SmartPhones for information while shopping.  As we’ve seen with Google, many times, webpages other than the product’s homepage appear higher in search engines.  How does having a mobile-ready web page have the ability to impact your consumers as they are shopping?