#TDMR Live: Day One in Charts

Following along with the #TDMR twitter feed has been fascinating during the conference. We’ve had a lot of great insights from both our attendees and speakers. In the spirit of using technology for market research I decided to pull some charts about our twitter feed using the Archivist tool.

First looking at our most active twitterers.You can see that we have a large group of twitter users following along and sharing. There are a few who dominate (Including our own @TMRE account), but overall many different voices to pull insight from.

Next I looked at the top words being used.
Obviously the Tweet-up on Sunday night caused a lot of excitement. You can also see that the #MRX and #NGMR hashtags are being widely used.

The tool also allows us to look at the amount of tweets vs. retweets (and it seems this crowd is made up of content producers as opposed to curators) the more shared links and the volume over time. To see the larger images, click here.

What were some of the most interesting tweets you saw on day one? Did anything catch your eye in particular?