#TDMR Live: Technology in Market Research Conference Opening Remarks with Lenny Murphy

Live Coverage of TDMR by Kristin Schwitzer, President, Beacon Research
Real-time coverage of the following session from IIR’s 2011 Technology Market Research Conference in Chicago: ‘Chairperson’s Opening Remarks and Welcome’ Lenny Murphy kicked off the 2-day IIR Technology Market Research Conference with opening comments about the transitioning nature of our industry. His comments were based on findings from the recently released GreenBook Research on Industry Trends (GRIT) report, which included these key findings: ?? There are major structural and systemic changes in the MR industry. ?? Despite a backdrop of professional pessimism, anticipated levels of future research spending are actually favorable. ?? Gaps between Suppliers and Buyers, tenure in the industry, age of respondents and geographic location exist when it comes to emerging technology adoption. ?? Social media, mobile, MROCs and text analytics are the newer techniques most likely to be used in the foreseeable future. ?? Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology is certainly important to both clients and suppliers, but the business relationship itself ‘ personal service, responsiveness, and attentiveness ‘ rises to the very top of the list of decision-making criteria. ?? 50 firms are identified as being perceived by their peers as being innovative. Next, he touched on implications for our industry:
Finally, he wrapped up by moderating a 3-member panel session: