Are you Leveraging Neuromarketing? Technology Driven MR Will Show You How

A recent article in Fast Company has highlighted the growing use of market research technologies across industries, most notably in film production through the use of neurocinema. Neurocinema uses “neurofeedback to help moviemakers vet and refine film elements such as scripts, characters, plots, scenes and affects”. This technique of capturing insights in real time is allowing film makers to capitalize on consumer preferences.

Interested in implementing neuromarketing tools and more of the latest technologies in market research?

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Featured Session on neuromarketing:

Dr. A.K. Pradeep, keynote speaker at this year’s Technology Driven Market Research Event, was quoted in the article as saying, forecasting “real-time instant consumer brain response-based personalization” as the eventual evolution of this technology”. You can hear more from Dr. Pradeep about the future of the industry this May, as he presents: Avatar 3D Comes to the Store Aisle.

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