How can you leverage NeuroCinematics?

As we get closer to the date of the Technology Driven Market Research Event (May 2-3, Chicago), it was interesting to read this article in Fast Company about the rise of neurocinema ‘ especially in regards to market research while a film is in production.

Some may envision neurocinema research as something out of Clockwork Orange, but as we learn more about the way the human brain works and interacts with the world around it, the natural progression is to put this knowledge to work. In the Fast Company article Stephen Susco, author of the horror movie Grudge, says he sees neurocinema as the “natural evolution of major studios trying to maximize profit while making the early creative development, script and storytelling process more scientific as opposed to just based on experience and instinct.”

Further on in the article, NeuroFocus CEO A. K. Pradeep, a keynote speaker at this year’s Technology Driven Market Research Event, forcasts “real-time instant consumer brain response-based personalization” as the eventual evolution of this technology.

Indeed, if neurocinema is being used for script vetting or testing audience responses to trailers the further market research applications of this technology are obvious. How could you see this science applied to your industry? It may be logical for a producer to spend $100,000 on a scientific, neurological testing of a product, but at what point does this science become applicable to you? Have you begun using technology like EEGs and biometrics to measure responses already?

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