Where do you get your market research information online?

A recent discussion question in The Market Research Event LinkedIn Group asked over 2,000 market research professionals where they get their market research information online.

Here are just a few of our group’s Market Research Resources:
Quirk’s http://quirks.com/
Market Research Bulletin http://marketresearchbulletin.com/
Alltop http://alltop.com/
Trend Watching http://trendwatching.com/
Research Live Newsletter from www.ResearchMagazine.com
12 Manage – http://12manage.com/
McKinsey & Company – http://www.mckinsey.com/
Accenture – http://www.accenture.com/
Corporate Executive Board – http://www.executiveboard.com/ *Membership required
Retail Forward – http://www.retailforward.com/
Market Research Mashup – http://mashup.anniktechnology.com/
The Market Research Industry Online (UK) http://mrweb.com/
The Market Research Event – http://themarketresearchevent.blogspot.com
Marketing Power http://www.marketingpower.com/
The Advertising Research Foundation http://thearf.org/
AMA – Oregon Chapter http://ama-pdx.org/
Market Research Global Alliance http://www.mrgasn.com/
#MRX on Twitter http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23MRX
Romanian National Institute of Statistics http://www.insse.ro
Researchers (Romanian) http://www.researchers.ro/

Click here to visit the complete list, and to add your own market research resources, join our The Market Research Event LinkedIn Group!

Study: Americans want Federal customer service to be a priority

Businesswire.com reports that the results of the ‘Uncle Sam at Your Service: 2010 Federal Customer Experience Study,’ which examined American citizens’ expectations and perceptions of U.S. Federal agencies’ customer service. Whether through Federal student aid, tax processing, disaster relief, or even airport security ‘ U.S. Federal agencies offer services to 307 million Americans every day.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

According to the study, Americans currently grade private sector customer service experiences higher than service received from Federal agencies. The study reveals that Americans want the Federal government to improve customer service, and many are willing to pay for the upgrade:

* 83% of Americans say that customer service is something that Federal agencies can improve
* 42% of Americans say they would pay an additional $10 in taxes each year for better government service ‘ $552.3 million more in taxes annually


Americans want problems solved quickly, clearly, and with courtesy. Currently, private companies outrank Federal agencies in these categories; however, some agencies are taking great strides to improve service. Despite some improvements, agencies must focus on expanding Web presence and moving more services online:

* 85% of Americans want Federal agencies to provide more information and make more services available online
* 63% of Americans who interact with agencies over the Web are satisfied with their experiences

For more information, visit the original article here.

Google fights spam with Priority Inbox launch

Gmail users rejoice! Thanks to the nifty roll-out of “Priority Inbox” by Gmail, fighting spam has never been easier. We know that Google has rolled out some pretty advanced spam filters; but they’ve never filtered out the bulk of newsletters, store promotions and Aunt Irma’s forwards like they have today. With just a few simple tweaks, you’ll be able to customize your inbox to suit whatever it is that’s most important to you in Gmail.

Here is Google’s how-to video about the service:

Where this news is pretty amazing; Farhad Manjoo at Slate offers a bit of a reality check.

Still, Priority Inbox is a work in progress’even after you train it for weeks to capture important messages, it’s not going to be perfect. Technically, sussing out valuable mail is a very different kind of problem from fighting spam. Spam-hunting benefits greatly from crowdsourcing’when millions of Yahoo or Gmail users flag a message as spam, it (and messages like it) gets filtered out for everyone. But the crowd doesn’t have much to say about what messages you are likely to find interesting; these are more personal decisions, and they’ll require more creative approaches by software engineers. Gmail has made a great start in this effort, but I hope Priority Mail gets competition from Microsoft, Yahoo, and other e-mail companies. We’re all going to keep getting more e-mail, and we’re going to need all the help we can get.

Corporate Culture at Netflix

How does your work culture affect the success and aid the growth of the employees in your company? I recently came across this presentation. Do you think that having a corporate culture like this one? We’ve seen NetFlix continually innovate and change the way we watch movies in our home. How much of an effect do you think the culture has on the success of a company?

Foursquare Checks In to Times Square

Even if you’ve been religiously checking in to Times Square, Foursquare has a gigantic reminder to do so. The social networking site squared off with other ads by displaying, “‘Check in, find your friends, unlock your city,’ which, according to TechCrunch is the largest digital billboard in Times Square. Will you be checking in soon?

The ad is up against a myriad of visual stimuli and it just may stand out. We wonder if tourists will take note and help spread Foursquare’s presence back home? What do you think of the digital billboard?

A Look Back at TMRE 2009: How Consumer & Market Insights Steers Company Strategy & Innovation

The Market Research Event 2010 is taking place this November 8-10, 2010 in San Diego, California. Every Friday leading up to the event, we’ll be recapping one session from The Market Research Event 2009.

Keynote Session ‘ How Consumer & Market Insights Steers Company Strategy & Innovation

Presenter: Joan Lewis, Global Consumer & Market Knowledge Officer, The Proctor & Gamble Company

Lewis starts off her presentation by mentioning that P&G has done a lot of work on trying to get natural ingredients products on shelves. P&G has spent a lot of time to figure out what products would be beneficial for consumers and what really matters to them in different countries. Because of this P&G has created products such as the natural ingredients in dog and cat food which has saved many animals with enzyme problems just to name one.

P&G doesn’t always get it right all the time because some products fail. P&G is able to innovate through their Global Growth Strategy:

‘Touching and Improving More Consumers’ Live in More Parts of the World’More Completely’

Consumer and market knowledge helps drive company strategy, innovation, and competitive advantage. This has sparked P&G to hold over 15,000 research studies per year and spends over $350 million each year on consumer research. P&G also spends a lot of time connecting with consumers across 80 countries and has about 5 million consumers with whom they do resaerch.

Joan Lewis gives us an example of a case study with Pampers and UNICEF. Moms and dads want to help infants around the world but feel like they are helpless. Realizing this, Pampers launched the ’1 pack = 1 vaccine’ campaign where tetanus vaccines are giving to underprivileged children around the world. The purpose of the campaign is to eradicate the disease by 2015.

The 2nd case study is about Olay Pro-X. A pretty large contingent of women are interested in skincare, they are interested to spend money and time on research, and are interested in products that actually work. P&G was faced with the challenge of make it shine in order to convey their benefits of working better than $350 priced prescription medications. The packaging of Pro-X and the work done before the product hit shelves added to its credibility at $40-$50 an item. Even though there was skepticism of the product, it has been the largest launch in Olay history. Olay was able to provide consumers with a product that is valuable to them.

The 3rd case study is about Secret Clinical Strength. There was a small group of women who struggled with heavy sweating and a team listened to their problems. These women had a need that P&G could help improve on and deliver a valuable product to them. P&G had the challenge of creating a great quality product and delivering messaging to reach this target. The product has won many product awards and has received many accolades which have made it a huge success in store shelves.

Joan Lewis closes with a quote from P&G CEO, “Our Purpose inspires us. Our Values Unite us. And all our innovation capabilities and culutre focus us on making small but meaningful differences every day..for the consumers who have ALWAYS been P&G’s boss and our inspiration.”

Just Announced: VP of In-Flight Customer Experience at JetBlue Speaking at NACCM 2010

Vicky Stennes
Vice President, In-Flight Customer Experience,
JetBlue Airways

How did the friendly skies get so unfriendly?

We all heard about the recent stories involving the JetBlue flight attendant and the outpouring of empathy toward his actions. As usual, JetBlue was very quick to address the situation- which is what customers have come to expect from the company, which was ranked ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Low-Cost Carriers in North America’ by J.D. Power and Associates just two months ago.

In light of this incident, we are pleased to announce the newest speaker addition to the NACCM 2010 agenda, Vicky Stennes, Vice President, In-Flight Customer Experience, JetBlue Airways.

JetBlue obviously invests in their customers- Now is the time to invest in yours. It all starts at NACCM.

Need some extra ammunition for getting approval? We’re here for you. There are reasons people come back to NACCM each year for all their customer focused needs…

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We hope to see you in Orlando this October.

NACCM 2010 – October 25-27, 2020 – Orlando, FL

Target Expands Electronics Support

Mediapost.com reports that Minneapolis-based retailer, Target is set to expand it’s customer service electronics support. Consumers can call 1-877-myTGTtech, a free product support hotline for all Target electronics purchases, staffed with customer service reps who can help with troubleshooting, tech support, warranties, and compatibility questions. Target has also expanded its plans for its Target Mobile centers, a partnership it recently announced with Radio Shack that will put kiosks stocked with cell phones and accessories in 850 stores by year’s end.

What do you think of Target’s increase in the electronics support space? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Learn more: Target Beefs Up Electronics Support

TiVo sets to capture tv viewing time

The New York Post recently looked at how TiVo is setting out to fully capture how the US public spends their time consuming television programs and other mediums. Using their settop boxes, they will monitor the amount of time tv viewers spend watching television, recorded programs, and other options available through the service such as YouTube and NetFlix. This puts them in high, direct competition with Neilson, who has traditionally tracked television viewership.

How do you think this will affect the industry. Do you believe that marketers will benefit from knowing the exact viewing habits of their set top box owners?