McDonalds sees drop in customer service

McDonalds has seen a 4.3% drop in customer satisfaction in 2010. While sales grew, it faced it’s largest drop in customer satisfaction, from 70/100 in 2009 to 67/100 this year. This comes with same store sales earnings increasing. So while they have seen huge increases in sales, they’re seeing these customer satisfaction scores fall.

Claes Fornell, founder of the ACSI, commented:
“This may seem somewhat paradoxical in view of McDonald’s sales growth over the past year, particularly compared to the competition. But as increasingly frugal consumers have made price more salient, McDonald’s acquired more customers. These newcomers seem less satisfied, and were it not for the economy some of them would probably rather eat somewhere else.”

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While consumers are flocking to McDonalds in higher numbers, is it natural that more consumers are going to walk out of McDonald’s unsatisfied? What type of market research can be done to better understand the consumers that have lead to the increase in sales at McDonalds?