Free Web Seminar: The Changing Face of Beauty

The Changing Face of Beauty

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Thursday, June 10th from 11:00 AM -12:00PM EDT

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Personal care and appearance have become an obsession. Personal care product usage has increased in double digits in the past 5 years with consumers using more individual products on average every day.

In order to develop new products, companies need to identify unmet needs as well as emerging trends and attitudes. Furthermore, we need to better understand how consumers navigate through new categories.

This beauty and personal care development has created a need for new understanding. How has behavior changed? Do women feel differently about themselves?

In order to understand how the category has evolved, we need to be able to look back in time. In 2005, BuzzBack conducted a study among US women around personal appearance and their use of personal care products ‘ from cosmetics to body and face lotion. The study utilized eCollage, our award-winning online technique for revealing visual associations and underlying emotions/feelings.

In this new webinar, five years later, we will look at what’s changed ‘ as well as compare to new findings among women in the UK.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

‘ How attitudes related to beauty and appearance have changed among females in the past 5 years and why

‘ How women use imagery to better express how they feel about their personal appearance on a typical day

‘ What remains the same — which consumer feelings are similar today compared to 5 years ago and why

‘ How the recession has impacted purchase behavior and why

In addition, you’ll learn how new research methodologies, especially hybrid qual-quant online techniques, have evolved. Traditional quantitative measures will be combined with future-facing qualitative collection methods and advanced qualitative analysis.

Featured Speaker:

Brendan Light, SVP, Research and Development, BuzzBack Market Research

Brendan has been leading research development and best-practices for BuzzBack, with recent recognition by the Advertising Research Foundation as a Great Mind winner for Innovation. In addition to continually improving the quality of the quantitative and qualitative methodologies and analytics of BuzzBack’s research offerings, he pioneered BuzzBack’s award-winning and patent-pending eCollage and Verbatim Viewer technology, and leads a broad team of future development and research strategy for BuzzBack. He continues to focus on leveraging the transformative powers of the Internet to evolve respondent engagement, operational efficiency, and visualization of analytics and insight. He has over 10 years of client and research supplier side experience, having also served as Research Director for Grey Interactive and as the Global Director of Ipsos-ASI Interactive.