Farmers Become “Agvocates” with AgChat Foundation

Almost one year ago, AgChat was formed on Twitter to serve farmers interested in connecting and sharing their world with one another. The chat takes place every Tuesday night from 8-10EST. Because of AgChat’s success, a whole crop (excuse the pun) of farmers have created their own social network, AgChat Foundation. The space provides farmers with a medium to advocate for their profession and for other farmers in the United States.

This farmer led group ‘is designed to empower more farmers to leverage social media as a tool to tell agriculture’s story. The Foundation will educate and equip farmers and ranchers with the skill set needed to effectively engage on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Linkedin and other social media services. It will give them knowledge to unlock new tools to effectively tell their story. Research shows that social media is a growing opportunity for farmers to have a stronger voice in educating people about the business of growing food, fuel, feed and fiber.’

For more information on AgChat Foundation, please visit their website.

Free Web Seminar – How SimplexGrinnell Increased Customer Advocacy by over 200%: Moving Beyond NPS Metrics

Often companies are focused entirely on satisfaction scores which are only the first step in truly understanding customer satisfaction. In order to respond to customer feedback, and increase satisfaction you must understand the meaning behind the score to be able to anticipate customer needs.

Join us to hear how SimplexGrinnell developed a process not only to measure the quality of customer relationships, but also to take action to exceed customer expectations.

Karl Sharicz, Manager of Customer Intelligence, SimplexGrinnell
Bill Herald PhD, Research Consultant, MarketTools

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Cluster analysis for segmentation

Segmentation is key to successful marketing. Mineful looks at the importance of segmentation, and how it should put you in touch with your customers. After dividing up segments, each ones should be: measurable, relevant, accessible, distinguishable and feasible. When using cluster analysis is used, some of the parameters include:

  • Behavioral parameters
  • Attitudinal parameters
  • Psychographic variables
  • Demographic data

Read the full article here.

A look back at TMRE 2009: Interview with Communispace CEO Diane Hessan

The Market Research Event 2010 is taking place this November 8-10, 2010 in San Diego, California. Every Friday leading up to the event, we’ll be recapping one session from The Market Research Event 2009.

Interview with Communispace CEO Diane Hessan

We were able to catch Diane Hessan, CEO of Communispace, and ask her some questions about some of Communispace’s new research initiatives and what lies ahead for market researchers of tomorrow. Take a couple of minutes to view the video below. Enjoy!

New customer experience measurement system for USPS

According to, the USPS will be bringing in a new tool that will allow the system to see how the consumers service is at four key touchpoints: receiving mail, sending mail, visiting the post office and contacting the Postal Service.

Delores Kettle, USPS vice president and consumer advocate, stated this about the new data collection: ‘Through added insights and actionable data, customer experience measurement will help the Postal Service more precisely identify customer needs across all channels and find new ways to provide greater customer service. We will now be measuring and reporting on areas that really matter to our customers, and this information will help Postal Service managers take actions to improve service.’

Read the full article here.