Top Ten Tips from Market Researchers Using Social Media

Are you looking for new ways to gain candid insights and feedback from your customers? Learn how leading cross-industry market researchers have revolutionized their processes using social media as a driver of results.

If you are responsible for Market Research, here’s 10 sessions YOU CAN’T MISS at the Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference:

1. SOLAR WINDS Outsources Product Development to their Community:
Crowd Sourcing Powered
Dawn Lacallade, Community Manager and Strategist, SOLAR WINDS

2. HUMANA INNOVATION CENTER Leverages Social Networks to Help Quitters of the World Unite!
Greg Matthews, Director, Consumer Innovation, HUMANA

3. EBAY Uses Community for Voices of the Customer Product Development Input
Garnor Morantes,
Manager, Community Input,
Online Forums, EBAY

4. P&G, VH1 & BURT’S BEES Make Social Media a Real Part of Market Research & Consumer Insights Programs

Lucas Watson, Global Team Leader,
Digital Business Strategy,
Michael Desmarais,
Vice President,
Strategic Insights & Research, VH1
Paula Alexander,
Director, Global Knowledge & Insights, BURT’S BEES

5. DELL Leverages Community for Insights and Innovation
Caroline Dietz,
Communities and Conversations, DELL

6. PFIZER Does Large-Scale Social Media Market Research: With Details and Without Bias
Robin Spencer, Senior Research Fellow,
Innovation & The Idea Farm, PFIZER

7. LINKEDIN Brings Online Communities Offline for Product Feedback from Brand Drivers
Matt Warburton,
irector, Enterprise Community, LINKEDIN

8. STARWOOD HOTELS Uses Non-Traditional Insight Driven Community Building
Stephen Gates,
Interactive Creative Director,

9. SEARS Formulates Social Media Business Goals BEFORE Engaging to Measure Success and Ensure ROI
Robert Harles,
Director, Social Media & Community, SEARS

10. ALLSTATE Leverages Social Media to Establish Dialogue with Consumers to Co-Develop New Services
Bob Wasserman, Vice President,

Download the conference brochure the full agenda and session descriptions.

Choose Your Own Adventure Comes to Twitter

Fans of R. A. Montgomery, Edward Packard and Louise Munro Foley can now relive their childhood love for Choose Your Own Adventure novels on Twitter. Mashable reports that Jonah Peretti has created a choose your own adventure game using only Twitter.

To join in the fun, click here.
SFWeekly’s Maya Baratz writes, At the start of the game, you’re “assigned a dangerous mission to save the world!” The ending of your adventure depends on the series of choices you make from there (“accept mission” or “go on vacation,” and so on.)

Give it a try and let us know – we’ll be playing along, too!

With the widespread success of Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc – will we see more social games pop up?

Customer service that knows your call

According to IT Business Edge, IBM has taken customer service via phone to another level. Instead of having customers routed to a different customer service representative and explaining their situation each time, they’ve developed a system where callers are automatically routed to the CSR who can best take their call.

This software can do this by:
….analyzes what a company knows about its customer, the performance history of the customer service representatives, and the previous interactions the customer has had with customer service representatives to determine where to route a call.

How will this change customer service in the future? Will customer service calls be more effectively answered?

Social Media Pays: People More Likely to Buy from Brands they Follow

Andy Beal over at The Customer Collective posted on a recent report released by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies which showcases that in a survey over 1500 consumers showed that they were more likely to buy from and recommend brands they follow on Twitter and Facebook. Cha-ching!

51% of those surveyed said they were more likely to buy from a brand after following them on Facebook; 67% said they were more likely to buy after following on Twitter. Brands also got a boost in recommendations: 60% of Facebook fans and 79% of Twitter followers were more likely to recommend a brand to their friends.

Learn more about this study:

Social Media Pays: People More Likely to Buy from Brands they Follow

Are you more likely to purchase a product that you follow on popular social networks?

Catch Top Brand Marketers from M&Ms, Chicago Bulls, B&N Talk Social Media

Are you tuned in to your customer needs? The Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference has two full days of case studies from savvy marketers and brand managers who’ve leveraged social media to develop authentic relationships with their customers.

If you are responsible for Marketing or Brand/Customer Engagement, here’s 10 sessions YOU CAN’T MISS:

‘ M&M’s Racing Uses Colorful “Fanvocates” to Connect with NASCAR Fans
Ryan Bowling, Director of Communications, MARS SNACKFOOD US

‘ BARNES & NOBLE Adds the “Cart” to the Conversation with
Kevin Ryan, Vice President Social Media, BARNES & NOBLE

‘ CHICAGO BULLS Use Social Media for Better Fan Experiences AND Increased Revenue Opportunities with Jeremy Thum, Director, Interactive Marketing, CHICAGO BULLS
‘ INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS Drives Revenue by Empowering Brand Advocates with
Cassandra Jeyaram, Social Marketing Manager, Global Consumer Marketing, INTERCONTINENTAL HOTELS GROUP

‘ WELLS FARGO Quantifies the Value of a Year of Experiments from the Front Lines of Social Web Customer Support with Kimarie Matthews, Vice President, Customer Advocacy and Loyalty, WELLS FARGO BANK

‘ CIGNA Moves from Social Media Presence to Integrated Customer Experience Practice with Ingrid Lindberg, Customer Experience Officer, CIGNA

‘ SEGA Manages Multiple Brands Communities to Achieve Individual Brand/Product Objectives with Kellie Parker, Community Manager, SEGA OF AMERICA

‘ LEGO Collaborates with Talented Lead Users to Drive Value Creation with
Tormod Askildsen, Head, LEGO Community Development, LEGO

‘ ZAPPOS Utilizes Social Media to Engage Employees and Wow Customers with
Maura Sullivan, Customer Loyalty Manager & Marlene Kanagusuka, Customer Loyalty Manager, ZAPPOS.COM

‘ MICROSOFT Answers Community Makes Support Social with Consumer-Generated Answers with Steve Alter, Community Program Manager, Product Manager/Microsoft Answers, MICROSOFT

Don’t miss out! Join us for The Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference

complimentary webinar: “consistent brand conversations = persistent brand dialogue”

“consistent brand conversations = persistent brand dialogue”

Join us for a complimentary webinar on
Thursday, March 25

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
mention priority code: M2246W1BLOG

About the webinar:
the art and science of branding continues to evolve as the need to connect with the consumer becomes more intimate due to their choices and marketplace offerings. how your brand behaves in the messaging of its value proposition is directly proportional to how your consumer will experience your intended brand promise. with today’s information-rich, savvy consumer, they not only expect the best of your brand; they demand it. that said, how your brand aligns consistent messaging internally will or will not deliver engaging experiences with your consumers. this applied ability to behave consistently is most apparent when speaking to consumers across varied lifestages.

what you will learn:
‘ how creative-driven strategies will provide a platform for compelling brand messages
‘ how brand-alignment inside and across disciplines, is required for consistent
brand messaging outside.
‘ the potential of how a brand tagline is a rallying-cry across all age-demographics
‘ how to influence provocative internal conversations for alignment
‘ the requirement of synergy with creative and marketing teams

about riCardo crespo:
A celebrated creative director and respected branding thought-leader in the areas of strategy and creative, riCardo crespo brings to the advertising industry a keen eye for creative excellence and a valuable point of view as a CREATIVEronin. He consistently delivers a unique and valued perspective as a professional with applied experience from both the agency and client side. crespo is a frequent contributor on design methodologies and the strategic value of design + creative in the branding development process. riCardo’s vast and varied experience includes leadership posts with such advertising giants as McCANN ERICKSON, Saatchi & Saatchi and Bozell Worldwide.

riCardo’s passion for outstanding design and meticulous execution translate into a dedication to excellence in all aspects of his work.

‘Customer Service is the New Marketing!’

Fast Company recently interviewed Aaron Magness of Zappos, Inc. In the interview, Fast Company’s Brandon Gutman asked Magness about his position and about how marketing and customer service have changed business. Here are a few highlights that we thought were particularly interesting.

Fast Company- What is marketing really about?

There are five principles that I try to focus on in everything that has to do with marketing:

?? Customer service is the new marketing. The days of dictating your brand to the public are long gone. There is so much access to information; the customer is actually dictating your brand to you.

?? Communicate with your customers, don’t market at them. Customers get bombarded with marketing messages every day (practically every second). Find ways to interact with them. Discussions drive loyalty, not one way messaging.

Fast Company- How do you breed better customer service?

I’m really inspired by positivity. This can take many forms and isn’t the same for everyone, but it really stands out for me. I think it’s contagious and people build off it. It helps in personal areas the same as business. You can’t provide great customer service with a negative attitude or culture. My goal is to be as positive as I can, and hope that has an impact on those around me. I choose to surround myself with positive people and you tend to find that the majority of ‘success stories’ generally have a great attitude about life. It all comes down to the Golden Rule. It’s not difficult to understand and we all have it in us.

We encourage you to read the interview it its entirety.

Zappos’ Marketing Chief: ‘Customer Service is the New Marketing!’

Conquer Any Networking Event

If you’re a novice at networking or could use a little refresher, Stepcase Lifehack has posted “5 Ways to Conquer Any Networking Event.” We encourage you to check out the list and utilize it at your next networking event.

1. Establish Event-Specific Goals

Walking into a networking event or conference without a plan is, barring a miracle, a waste of your time. Without a plan you’ll bounce from event to event and float toward the people you already know. But not this time! This time you’re going to establish real goals for what you’ll get from a specific event.

For example, a small business owner might attend a local meetup of social media types hoping to expand her network with some web-savvy marketers. Instead of saying, ‘this meetup will give me the chance to make business contacts’ she’ll have a specific outcome in mind and won’t waste time on the wrong people.

2. Identify & Research Targets
3. Use An Event Card
4. Establish Your Presence
5. Follow Up

For more information on Stepcase’s list, please visit the original article.

5 Steps To Conquer Any Networking Event

CALL FOR PRESENTERS: The Market Research Event 2010

Email by Friday, March 19, 2010

From: Krista Vazquez
Re: The Market Research Event 2010
Event Date: November 8-10, 2010
Location: Hilton Bayfront San Diego, San Diego, CA
Deadline: Friday, March 19th, 2010

Krista Vazquez, Conference Director, The Market Research Event is now recruiting speakers for the 2010 program.

The Market Research Event is the industry’s leading conference showcasing the business value of market research and introducing the very best of what’s new in the market research field. Recognized for consistently delivering high quality content and speakers who are willing to share real stories, TMRE has earned the reputation as the “World’s Top MR Event.” The 2010 event is projected to attract nearly 1000 attendees with more than 60% representing end users and clients. Get involved today. All speakers will receive a free pass to attend the event ($3000+ Value).

Read on for submission guidelines.

Note: Submission deadline is Friday, March 19, 2010.

Content areas include:
Marketing & Media Mix
In-store Research & Shopper Insights
Research & Social Media
Analytics & Measurement
Marketing & Brand Insights
Management & Leadership
Insight Driven Innovation
Business to Business Research
New Tools, Techniques & Methodologies

NOTE: Suggestions for alternate topics also accepted. Sessions can be presented as a case study or interactive/roundtable discussion.

All submissions must include the following:

1. Compelling and benefit oriented session title
2. 75 word description of proposed topic
3. 2 bullet points identifying key take-aways
4. Short bio for proposed speaker (include name, business title and company)
5. Contact information including e-mail address and phone number for proposed speaker.

We encourage you to forward this to your colleagues.

Are You Familiar With ‘Haul’ Vloggers?

There is a new phenomenon happening on YouTube and market researchers are taking note. New York Magazine reports that they’re called “haul videos” and consist of girls videotaping themselves showing the world what they just bought at the mall. Like, they go home, plop down in front of their webcams, and pull their new purchases out of shopping bags. And discuss each item in way too much detail.

Here’s some more buzz on this phenomenon:
We’re interested to hear what you think of this burgeoning phenomenon. Will (or would) you use this as research?