Top Ten Tips from Market Researchers Using Social Media

Are you looking for new ways to gain candid insights and feedback from your customers? Learn how leading cross-industry market researchers have revolutionized their processes using social media as a driver of results.

If you are responsible for Market Research, here’s 10 sessions YOU CAN’T MISS at the Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference:

1. SOLAR WINDS Outsources Product Development to their Community:
Crowd Sourcing Powered
Dawn Lacallade, Community Manager and Strategist, SOLAR WINDS

2. HUMANA INNOVATION CENTER Leverages Social Networks to Help Quitters of the World Unite!
Greg Matthews, Director, Consumer Innovation, HUMANA

3. EBAY Uses Community for Voices of the Customer Product Development Input
Garnor Morantes,
Manager, Community Input,
Online Forums, EBAY

4. P&G, VH1 & BURT’S BEES Make Social Media a Real Part of Market Research & Consumer Insights Programs

Lucas Watson, Global Team Leader,
Digital Business Strategy,
Michael Desmarais,
Vice President,
Strategic Insights & Research, VH1
Paula Alexander,
Director, Global Knowledge & Insights, BURT’S BEES

5. DELL Leverages Community for Insights and Innovation
Caroline Dietz,
Communities and Conversations, DELL

6. PFIZER Does Large-Scale Social Media Market Research: With Details and Without Bias
Robin Spencer, Senior Research Fellow,
Innovation & The Idea Farm, PFIZER

7. LINKEDIN Brings Online Communities Offline for Product Feedback from Brand Drivers
Matt Warburton,
irector, Enterprise Community, LINKEDIN

8. STARWOOD HOTELS Uses Non-Traditional Insight Driven Community Building
Stephen Gates,
Interactive Creative Director,

9. SEARS Formulates Social Media Business Goals BEFORE Engaging to Measure Success and Ensure ROI
Robert Harles,
Director, Social Media & Community, SEARS

10. ALLSTATE Leverages Social Media to Establish Dialogue with Consumers to Co-Develop New Services
Bob Wasserman, Vice President,

Download the conference brochure the full agenda and session descriptions.