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This year PROOF returns to its roots and focuses on the role of research as a driving force in the packaging process and how it can be applied to achieve results. Discover how your package must function, communicate and captivate your consumers to keep them coming back for more. From pre-testing, to design research to measuring effectiveness, PROOF will deliver everything you need to better leverage market research and consumer insights to create the perfect package.

Take a look at what is in store at PROOF 2010

‘ Keynote Jim Stengel, President/CEO, The Jim Stengel Company, LLC, Adjunct Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Retired Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble shares his experience with Applied Leadership, Amazing Results
‘ Featured session by Coca-Cola, “Busting the Burst” Optimizing On-Pack Promotional Messaging Brand”
‘ Industry leading corporate practitioners sharing case study presentations, including: Kimberly-Clark, Sherwin Williams, HP, DuPont and more.
‘ Presentation of the 1st Annual Packaging Awards brought to you by The Dieline and FUSE
‘ More interactive networking sessions enabling you to meet your fellow PROOF attendees. Plus shared cocktail receptions with FUSE allows you to network with hundreds of design and branding experts and visionaries.
‘ PLUS – PROOF 2010 is co-located with FUSE: Design & Culture // Brand Identity & Packaging. For special group pricing contact Terrence Johnson at or 646-895-7425 for details.

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Customer Service Woes for US Big Banks

Daily Finance reports that the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey was released today at the two biggest banks in the United States, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase have “consumers giving both institutions the thumbs down.”

Dan Burrows says, “The reasons for the drops in satisfaction are pretty obvious, according to ACSI. Bank of America customers are suffering from the cost-cutting undertaken to offset higher-than-expected debt resulting from the Merrill Lynch acquisition. Meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase is having difficulties swallowing Washington Mutual — and it’s the customers who are getting indigestion.”

Learn more: Big Banks Get Thumbs Down on Customer Service

What is the “buzz” on Google’s Buzz? Anyone using it?

There is a lively discussion over Google’s Buzz in our Future Trends LinkedIn group. We’d love to have you join us as we discuss what Buzz means for social networking and community development for the future. Have you used it in conjunction with your other social networking services? What privacy concerns do you have?

Take a few moments and let us know what you think.

Join the discussion.

The Youth & Family Marketing Event Symposium Highlight: Technology and Social Media

Technology and Social Media Symposium: Kids and youths are early adopters of technology- how do you win them over early to keep them as life long consumers? Likewise, how are kids, youths and families using technology and social media today? Why do some technologies like the Wii and iPhone transcend life stages while others do not? On a marketing end, just because social media is free, does not mean you have to use it as a marketing tool. What are the best ways to incorporate social media and other technologies in your plan?

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The Youth & Family Marketing Event!

May 10-12, 2010
Hotel Sax

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Takeaways from event sessions:

* The opportunities available through the use of social media
* The risks inherent in using social media as a research platform
* Creating an overall strategy for your social media program
* Social Media Measurement
* Social Ecosystems That Ignite Audiences
* Using social media to reach mom


* How kids influence the purchase decision
* Making Meaning of immersion data
* Family 3.0: Rethinking the American Family
* Understand changes in family dynamics
* The role of technology in a kid’s life
* Tapping into the anthropological analysis


* Developing effective model to increase the active participation of your brand
* Mitigating risk in conversational marketing
* Mobile Marketing- Where Your Consumers Are
* Communicating new product offerings on a very limited budget
* Connecting your Brand with the Next Generation of Viewers
* Reaching today’s urban youth consumers

Advice for Developing a Market Research Strategy for your Small Business

Ron Consolino is a management counselor for SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business and he offers up a great strategy for developing a market research strategy for a small company.

He writes, “Your market research can be as informal as observing customers in the store or doing a survey, and as elaborate as conducting a full-scale research program with focus groups and computer- generated maps.” Consolino also offers up the idea of using a market research firm if you have the budget for that service.

Learn more: Valuable research not costly

Learn How Sears, Fidelity, Pepsi and Intuit Measure Social Media

How do your social media efforts Measure UP?
Social media has been game-changing for both businesses and consumers. The power to define and control a brand has shifted from the organization to individuals, even communities.

Social networking accounts for over 50% of the page views on the Internet.
With quick consumer adoption and the relative low costs of participation, it’s become a hugely influential word of mouth marketing medium during these budget stricken times.

If you can’t measure it, how can you expect buy-in?
While most companies are participating in social media efforts, few are measuring the ROI of their efforts.

The Measure UP Marketing Conference has a full-day symposium focused entirely on Social Media Value & Measurement. This symposium will showcase corporate practitioners who are successfully tying back social media efforts to their business’ bottom line. Learn how you can build a strategy with measurement tools in place and get the commitment from your business to invest.

To see a list of all of the social media sessions, click here.
To visit the Measure Up Website, click here.

Why market researchers need to attend Measure UP 2010

For more than a decade, marketing mix modeling has been at the core of the marketing measurement process. However, new business issues and renewed attention on ROI, demands innovation in the world of analytics.

At the Measure UP Marketing Conference, March 10-12, 2010 in Chicago, senior marketing and market research executives will share their new models and assessment tools to ensure the most effective and efficient marketing mix. Below are some examples of sessions that are geared towards market research:

Empowering Sustainable Innovation: Ideas for Creating a Data-Driven Organization
Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist, GOOGLE, & Author, Web Analytics: An Hour a Day & Web Analytics 2.0 – How to create a data-driven organization through a mix of cultural approaches, destruction of some currently workshoped holy cows, tools, skills and mindsets.

Creating an Algorithm for Marketing Optimization
Scott Deaver, Executive Vice President, Strategy, AVIS BUDGET GROUP
- How marketing effectiveness has evolved and where he sees the greatest opportunity today from marketers to build a more sophisticated optimization system.

Modern Day Mix Modeling: Balancing Prior Information & Judgment with Statistics
Lisa Wellington, Marketing Sciences, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY
- How to employ Bayesian modeling to enable the integration of prior knowledge with sound statistics in order to product robust, comprehensive models.
Marketing Pricing and Spending Decisions Across Multiple Brands

Greg Michaels, Director, Analytics, Kraft International, KRAFT FOODS
- How optimization and risk analysis methods are applied to a representative portfolio of brands to make practical marketing decisions
Actionable Value-Based Customer Segmentation for Maximum ROI
Shannon A. Balliet, Analytics Consultant & Recent Director of Database Marketing & Customer Integration, CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES
- Actionable elements of a value-based segmentation strategy that will enable marketing organizations to realize measurable results, achieve strong ROI and fuel overall profitability.

Driving Improvements in Customer Value by the Fusion of Behavioral Data and Attitudinal Insight
Gary Class, Senior Vice President, WELLS FARGO
- How to integrate behavioral models with attitudinal data and how to leverage customer
insight to identify opportunities for improvement in service quality and breadth.

And that’s just a sample of the insightful presentations Measure UP has to offer you. Join us and hear senior level marketing and market research executives reveal how they are successfully linking marketing to financial value creation. Through real stories and case studies, you peers will share the latest, most practical techniques and innovative advancements in modeling, metrics and measurement.

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In the new business environment- where every initiative must have a measurable return- you need real-life case studies from corporate executives who’ve “cashed in on the conversations” happening every second about their brand, product and company. The 2010 Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies program is designed to help leverage social media as a powerful driver of real business results:

Speakers from companies leading the social media revolution, including: Consumer Goods (P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, Mars Chocolate, Kodak, Lego), Retail (Best Buy, B&N, Sears), Online Services (eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo), Travel (Intercontinental Hotels, Starwood Hotels), Electronic Goods (Microsoft, Turbotax, National Instruments) AND MORE! (view full list)

Big Picture Conversations: Forget one-sided lectures. You need two-way conversations. Featured conversationalists include Duncan Wardle, VP, Disney, Vida Killian, Communities and Conversations, Dell, and the author who started the social media ‘Grounsdwell’, Charlene Li.

Case studies tailored to your business objective: Only attend sessions that are right for YOU. Choose between concurrent tracks on: Market Research, Innovation, Marketing, Brand/Customer Management

Facilitated Networking Activities: Built-in time to connect with both speakers and other attendees- Another way to make the most of your experience and build authentic connections with your peer community.

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Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Event
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How Important is Social Media in a Marketing Plan?

Today we’re featuring a great discussion happening over on our LinkedIn group, Future Trends. If you’ve not joined Future Trends yet, we encourage you do to so. Not only will you join other social media professionals, but you’ll learn from members from all backgrounds about the future of business, media, science, etc.

Mike Clough asks, “How Important is Social Media in a Marketing Plan?”

Many businesses are struggling and asking for help. I know because I meet with them every week. Actually, it is not too surprising to find that entrepreneurs who are doing most of the work might have trouble seeing the forest for the trees. I listen to them as they tell me that what they used to do is no longer working. What does surprise me is their reaction when I bring up the subject of Web 2.0 marketing or social media. All too often I am told, ‘I don’t want to talk about that.’

Here are a few of the responses:

“Honestly, social media has been here for years. I have been on social networks since 1997. Its just that companies are just now looking at this medium strategically.”

“Social Media is alive and kicking. We prove that on the personal side by using this platform (LinkedIn) every day.”

Read more on the discussion.

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The “first moment of truth” at point of purchase often begins with the package itself. The power to communicate brand value and connect with consumers is critical to brand success. Find out what really matters to your consumers and how to integrate package design into your overall brand strategy. This means truly understanding the behaviors, trends and insights that stand to impact your brand, category and overall line of business. Learn first hand from leading practitioners who’ve been there and done it as they uncover real life examples that illustrate the power of insights to drive good decisions at PROOF: Market Research for Package Design.

An interesting fact – purchasing environments have significantly changed in the past year – with 37% of shoppers saying they will stick with the private label brands they chose during the recession1. How well do you know your post-recession shoppers?

The Evolution of Packaging & Purchasing Environments
Craig M. Vogel
University of Cincinnati

Using Social Media to Gain Insights for Packaging Innovation
Randolf Kosloski

…and so much more!

PROOF: Market Research for Package Design
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