M&Ms Racing Uses Colorful “Fanvocates” to Connect with NASCAR Fans

M&M’s Racing launched “The Most Colorful Fan of NASCAR” contest. In an effort to bring the contest to life both online and offline, M&Ms Racing activated, “Fanvocates,” and resulting content was syndicated throughout both TV, digital and social networking sites providing fans with a forum to connect, interact and showcase their passion for the sport through a variety of channels.

To learn more about this initiative, join Ryan Bowling, Director of Communications, MARS SNACKFOOD US as presents this case study at 12pm, May 4th at Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies 2010.

Ryan will discuss:

  • Multimedia exploration of how M&M’s Racing and used word of mouth and social media efforts to connect with NASCAR fans
  • How social media programs excel faster with both online & offline components
  • The importance of leveraging PR and digital marketing to exceed in social media

Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies 2010

Complimentary Webinar – Profiting from Feedback: Achieving Real Business Results with Enterprise Feedback Management

Profiting from Feedback: Achieving Real Business Results with Enterprise Feedback Management

Time/Date: Thu, Mar 11, 2010 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Complimentary Webinar: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/916296592
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CareFusion increased its overall customer satisfaction by 26 percentage points after implementing an Enterprise Feedback Management solution. Attend this webcast to learn how they did it.

Many companies are struggling with how to capture feedback from their customers, partners, and employees ‘ and how to transform this feedback into real business results. Typical questions include:
‘ What are the critical steps in implementing a successful customer feedback program?
‘ How do I prevent the feedback from just ending up in a report with no business impact?
‘ How is enterprise feedback management affecting the bottom line?

CareFusion, formerly part of Cardinal Health, has successfully implemented the MarketTools CustomerSat enterprise feedback management solution across its service organization, elevating customer satisfaction to more than 90%.

Join us for this one-hour webcast to learn:
‘ The 9 critical steps in designing Enterprise-Wide Feedback Systems, and the costly mistakes to avoid
‘ How CareFusion moved from ad-hoc surveys to a systematic feedback program that translates to better service at every customer touchpoint
‘ How CareFusion improved overall customer satisfaction by 26 percentage points
‘ And much more’.

Justin Schuster, Vice President, EFM Solutions, MarketTools
Alan Kneale, Vice President, Technical Support Operations, CareFusion
Robert Freeden, Director, Product Support/Repair, CareFusion

Measure Up Speaker Spotlight: Aneta Hall, Pitney Bowes

Over the next few weeks, in preparation for the Measure Up Marketing conference we’ll be highlighting conversations focusing on marketing measurement best practices. Our first speaker is Aneta Hall, Pitney Bowes.

Read Aneta’s Podcast Transcript here.

This blog post is co-posted with StevenGroves.com.
Social media in the enterprise is creating a huge shift in many companies, but what happens when a 90 year old company decides to invest in a process of listening to their customers and actually letting them talk to one another?
As part of the series around the ROI of Social Media, and leading up to the 2010 MeasureUp Conference in Chicago next month, we interview Aneta Hall, the Emerging Media Manager at Pitney Bowes. She is a presenter at the 2010 MeasureUp Conference in Chicago, where her topic is ‘From Fear to Trust ‘ Employee Engagement in Social Media’.
Aneta introduces us to the processes Pitney Bowes (PB), as a 90 year old company, has adopted using social media to connect with prospects, customers, employees and stakeholders around their mail and information needs. The changes have driven real change in the various business units, particularly as in the last 10 years they have acquired a variety of businesses. PB now provides a broad range of solutions to the market, not only in mail instruments and document management, but also location intelligence, traffic pattern analysis, predictive intelligence, and relationship marketing. Aneta shares how sees social media technology supporting the ability to tell the PB story to the market.
The role of the Emerging Media Manger at Pitney Bowes is to help the organization understand and constantly analyze the evolving landscape of social media. In her role, Aneta teaches other how to use the technology and she often presents the model outlined in Chris Brogans’ awesome book, ‘Trust Agents‘. She also maintains the strategic roadmap for PB and is often glued to the PB Radian6 console, because of the value she places on listening to the conversation in social media versus trying to use social media as just another channel to broadcast the same messages used in traditional media.
Pitney Bowes is using the information Aneta manages for several of their business units. As you might expect, some are more advanced than others in their use, but most are looking to up their social media investment in 2010 and take advantage of what social media can provide.
The major topic she finds herself discussing with business unit leaders is in the sustainability of the social media effort. Aneta sees covering this issue as a key component of her work and that means the units find they need to invest in training, guidelines, tools and tactics that support users, and providing a ‘loose governance’ structure that does not stifle the conversation between PB and it’s audience.
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‘ DAN ARIELY, Behavioral Economist & Best-selling Author of Predictably Irrational & Living Irrationally
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‘ DAVID BELL, Professor of Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
‘ MARK CHANGIZI, Professor of Cognitive Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Author, The Vision Revolution

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Business Week names Customer Service Champs

Business Week recently announced its Customer Service Champions. See Business Week’s presentation list here.

The Top Ten:

1 L.L. Bean
3 Apple
4 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
5 Publix Super Markets
6 Nordstrom
7 Lexus
8 The Ritz-Carlton
9 Barnes & Noble
10 Ace Hardware

Sara Lee Launches Social Media Campaign for Moms

In a press release, Sara Lee Deli today launched its “Saga Solver” social media campaign designed to help moms simplify their lives.

The Saga Solver program will provide moms the chance to interact with three nationally-recognized “Saga Solvers” who will offer tips and advice on three distinct areas of focus: food preparation, helping mom get her kitchen and family schedules organized and family advice, all housed on Sara Lee Deli’s Facebook page (facebook.com/saraleedeli). The program will also provide an update on the lives of the three Sara Lee Deli “Mama Saga” mamas, who originally appeared in satirical web-cam videos on Metacafe, Facebook and other video sharing sites. Since their launch in September, the videos have recorded 2.5 million online views.

As CPGs look to connect further with parents, are they correct in their focus to Moms? What about Dads, caregivers, etc? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Learn more: Sara Lee Deli Launches ‘Saga Solver’ Social Media Campaign as Online Resource to Simplify Lives of Moms

Measure Up 2010: Being an Innovator in Social Media; 1800Flowers.com Experiences ‘ an Interview with Lewis Goldman / 1800Flowers.com Episode 2/2

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In this episode Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com shares some of the successes 1800Flowers.com has had along with some of the lessons learned. The first is the booming growth in the adoption of mobile, their application for placing orders on a variety of mobile platforms is growing rapidly. Today you can use your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone to place an order from the 1800Flowers.com Mobile Gift Center in several categories for personal or business. 1800Flowers.com has not been afraid to try out new ideas has often been a first mover in many areas to stay connected to their audience and they try a lot of things, sometime uncertain of the outcome; case in point was the effort in creating a 1800Flowers.com store in the 3D social platform of Second Life, which they discovered was not the right platform at the time to connect them to their audience. A success is the development of the ideal customer model, which they have named ‘Tina’. Tina is the aggregate persona of the ideal 1800Flowers.com customer, which embodies the characteristics of the buying behavior they see in the market overall. Lewis shows us how they referenced Tina in the ‘Spot-a-Mom’ campaign leading up to Mothers Day in 2009.

Listen to the podcast here.
Download the podcast here.

Guru Session: …Turning Audiences into Brand Ambassadors

Join us for “Spreading the Word: Leveraging Word of Mouth to Drive Sales and Turn Audiences into Brand Ambassadors” at The Life Stage Marketing Summit 2010, this May 10-12 in Chicago.

Join Kathie Thomas and Jeff Davis of Fleishman-Hillard as they discuss how word of mouth is considered the most valuable and persuasive form of marketing these days. In fact, surveys show that nine of out every 10 consumers seek advice before making a purchase, and eight in 10 prefer advice from a peer rather than a so-called expert. These peer recommendations can increase the likelihood of purchase by 60 percent. Every company or organization has fans who would recommend their products to their peers. How can you transform them into and organized and mobilized team of brand ambassadors who authentically communicate the benefits of your brand in everyday conversations? Drawing upon the firm’s 10 years of Word of Mouth experience, Fleishman-Hillard Senior Partner Jeff Davis and Director of Innovation Kathie Thomas will discuss the power of various World of Mouth channels, from Facebook and blogs to cell phones and chats across the backyard fence — and how the Word of Mouth mix varies by age group.

Don’t miss out!

The Life Stage Marketing Summit
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Microsoft to Plug Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace

Microsoft’s Office 2010 will implement popular social networking sites within Outlook, The Associated Press reports.

Microsoft’s “beta” test version of the Outlook Social Connector, an add-on for Outlook, was first discussed last November. When a user clicks to read an e-mail message, a new pane on the main e-mail reading screen fills with the sender’s most recent social-networking activities. That could be that sender’s new Facebook status update or a newly added professional contact on the business networking site LinkedIn.

What do you think about the integration of social networking with Outlook? Because Outlook is primarily used by businesses, will employers see this as a negative?

Learn more: Microsoft to pull Facebook, MySpace into Outlook

Measure Up 2010: Social Media and e-Commerce: Fad or Fundamental Change? An Interview with Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com

This post is co-posted with the StevenGroves.com website. Visit Steven Grove’s website here.

In this episode, we get to talk to Lewis Goldman of 1800Flowers.com. Lewis is a keynote speaker at the MeasureUp Conference (www.MeasureUpEvent.com) in March 2010 in Chicago. Guy and I were able to get a few minutes of his time before the event and find out how 1800Flowers.com is using and measuring their social media presence. Lewis shares a little on the background of 1800Flowers.com founded in 1976 by Jim McCann (still Chairman and CEO), who started the venture when he was looking to extend his income. They have been an mover in the online commerce space, even in the early days by support their customers by helping them ‘express and connecting with the important people in their lives.’ They do that by providing a quick and easy way to let people easily give flowers, chocolates and small gifts to one another using the phone or on the web. Jims topic at the MeasureUp Conference is titled ‘Social Media and e-Commerce ‘ Fad or Fundamental Change?‘ and he shares some of the points he will present in his presentation, all based on his 14-year background in online, ecommerce initiatives. He suggests that social media is not new and points out the community and ecommerce experience in the early days of the web ala Geocities and online networks. The difference today, he points out, are 2 key component differences – the demographics have changed on the web, and people are a lot more comfortable using ecommerce and accepting the recommendations of ‘trusted authorities’ from social media communities. He observes that the use of Facebook is the next step beyond the use of email, albeit with rich media components. He shares his own experiences in using Facebook to connect with friends and how he’s used the 1800Flowers.com product to extend a relationship and how the social media platform supports a more meaningful connection.
Listen to the first part of the podcast here.
Download the first part of the podcast here.