Best Buy changes customer centricity with segmentation

Ron Biore, former Executive Vice President at Best Buy, looks at how he changed Best Buy’s in store strategy to specifically target four segments of customers. While focusing on their customers, they changed the in-store strategy dependent on what their customers preferred and wanted from their customers.

Watch the interview here:

Guardian: How to say stupid things about social media

This is sure to give you a chuckle — especially if you’ve heard the whines and woes of those not in the social media sphere. Writer Cory Doctorow discusses the “stupid” things people say and responds with some witty and well-thought answers as a reply. Any other whines about social media not listed?

How to say stupid things about social media

Companies looking to social customer service post-holiday

According to Marketing Vox, many companies are relying on social media tools to accommodate the questions of the individuals using the tool for such questions as return policies. Companies such as Comcast, Dell, Southwest, and AT&T are fully using it as a customers service tool.

What do you think of companies using Twitter as a customer service tool? Have you had a pleasant experience as a customer using these tools? One interesting fact in the article was that customers who do use these social media tools for assistance expect a higher level of service. Read the article here.