Efforts to help Haiti continue online

As we reported last Wednesday, there are many efforts going on in the online world to help those who are affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Now, the New York State governor, David Paterson, has set up an online registry for the New York State residents who were in Haiti at the time of the earthquake.

Governor Patterson said this of the new registry:

‘Presently there is little information from Haiti because the earthquake caused extensive damage to Haiti’s infrastructure. Although there is a massive international relief effort under way, it will take time until Haiti’s infrastructure is restored and systems are in place to help locate and identify individuals.

‘However, collecting information now about New York citizens in Haiti will help locate them once information becomes available. Once the massive response to this catastrophe is in place, I am sure a number of organizations will work to reunite loved ones. This registry will be of vital importance to that effort.’

Read more about Governor Patterson’s online effort here.