Facebook Campaign Beats Cowell’s New Singer

CNN.com reports that Rage Against the Machine has claimed the prestigious No. 1 spot on the British singles chart on the last Sunday before Christmas, marking the first time in five years the winner of Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” has not won.

Joe McElderry’s “The Climb” came in second, beaten by a huge online swell of support for “Killing in the Name,” backed by a Facebook group with nearly 1 million members.
It was the first time a group had ever won the top slot based on downloads alone, BBC’s “The Chart Show” said.

It’s reported that this upset is the product of a very savvy social media pair. Jon and Tracy Morter, who led the Facebook campaign for Rage Against the Machine have since turned down offers by Simon Cowell to “be in marketing or even running the company!’ reports The Daily Mail.

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