Twitter Declared Most Popular English Word of 2009

Mashable reports that the word, “Twitter” has been declared the most popular English word of 2009. The Global Language Monitor, which tracks language trends, has once again compiled and released its yearly list of the most popular words and phrases within the English language. In 2008, the #1 most popular word was ‘change’ (referring to the mantra of the top name of 2008, Barack Obama). However, Obama has been supplanted this year by the 140 character sensation that is Twitter.

Twitter Declared Most Popular English Word of 2009

Black Friday E-Commerce Climbs 11%

The Wall Street Journal reports that the 2009 “Black Friday” e-commerce climbed 11%. According to the market-research firm, comScore, U.S. consumers have spent $10.57 billion online from the beginning of the month to Nov. 27, then $318 million on Thanksgiving and $595 million the following day. Pre-Thanksgiving e-commerce sales were up 3%, while Thanksgiving-day sales rose 10%.

Black Friday marked the second-highest day in terms of online spending this year, after Nov. 19, when consumers spent $641 million.

‘This is a very encouraging start,’ comScore’s chairman, Gian Fulgoni, said in a statement. He noted, however, that aggressive marketing may be responsible for some of the uptick and that the coming weeks would be ‘the real test’ for holiday-season e-commerce.

Black Friday E-Commerce Climbs 11% Launches Deal Crowdsourcing Site

The venerable spot for deal-seekers just went social. has introduced, an attempt to turn its rabid fans into a crowd-sourced deal finding-and-evaluating machine that finds dozens of bargains worthy of a ‘w00t, w00t!’says Wired writer, Ryan Singel.

Singel continues, While Woot isn’t the first to try this, Woot has already grown a fanatically loyal user community around its sites. Already the deal site is attracting more votes per item than any previous such attempts ever seemed to.
What do you think about this move by Woot? Will we see more deal websites trying to compete in the social/crowd-sourcing arena?

Improving Customer Service Phone Skills

Here’s an interesting post on the FuelNet blogs that details six tips for improving telephone conversations with customer service agents. After all, every phone call is important, so knowing how to provide good customer service is crucial. Here are the tips:

1. Improve your posture.

2. Give a confident welcome.

3. Ask for the customer’s name, and use it.

4. Give a positive, definite first response.

5. Listen and use verbal ‘nods.’

6. Offer a customer-friendly solution or explanation.

Social Media is a Team Effort

I came across this post from Chris Brogan’s blog in which he compares social media to a recent football game he was watching. What he was trying to get across in the post is that just like how football games can not be won solely by the quarterback or head coach, people will have trouble convincing companies to adopt social media if the industry is filled with solo players. To make things work in social media, every part of an internal + external team should be assigned a task. Instead, companies are assigning all these tasks simply to one person in the company, and this does nothing to help communication within these channels. There needs to be a more integrated approach. Do you agree with Chris?

WSJ: Marketers Find Web Chat Can Be Inspiring

Emily Steel of The Wall Street Journal reports that many market researchers are now looking to web chats and alternative new media methods for their research. Steel writes, for decades, advertisers have relied heavily on sometimes-dated consumer surveys and focus groups to provide grist for their ads. Now, some are using new technologies to scan the Web for key words to find out what consumers are’and aren’t’saying about their brands. Then, they are incorporating those findings into their more-conventional research and using them not only to choose the overall themes of their marketing campaigns, but also specific text and photos for their ads.

Have you used any of these tactics in your research? What successes or failures have you experienced?

Marketers Find Web Chat Can Be Inspiring

Tips on Gathering Consumer Insight in a 3D World

Here’s an interesting article from the Forrester blog in which Reineke Reitsma details some best practices in how to gather consumers insight in a 3D world. Here are her tips…Enjoy!

1. Dare to take risks. Approach research questions from a different perspective.
2. Start small. Invite executive members to meet with customers in an informal setting.
3. Stick to what’s relevant to you. Work with vendors to find a way to make the research methodology fit your specific needs.
4. Collaborate internally. Involve the research users from the beginning and introduce them step-by-step to the new methodology.
5. Failure doesn’t exist. Failure leads to innovation.

Gamers get social media as Facebook comes to PS3

PS3 addicts can now access Facebook through their systems. writes, Sony is promising more integration with Facebook to come, but in the meantime PlayStation owners will be able to check updates and those of their friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media sites through the PS3′s built-in browser.

Most importantly with Facebook on the Xbox gamers will be able to find out which of their Facebook friends are also on Xbox Live. Other features include the ability to browse photos and update their status.

For more on the Facebook’s presence on PS3, please click here.

USAToday: Social media like Twitter change customer service

By now you’ve heard of companies in the United States harnessing the power of Twitter to fully connect with their customers. USAToday has a fascinating breakdown of the companies and what has and hasn’t worked with Twitter and customer service.

Is your company utilizing Twitter? What do you think you’ve learned from your customers? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Heart Based Service Expo

I just finished doing my seminar on the Heart Based Service Expo. What fun – my heart felt thanks to Lori and Raleigh for inviting me to take part in this extraordinary event.
If you missed it and you want to listen in do this:
Download your handout at and then go to to find my seminar (in the next 48 hours) and to sign up for the others! 20 Experts 5 days – spectacular info, great fun!

All the best, JoAnna