TMRE Session ‘ Managing Knowledge: Maximizing Returns

Luke Allen, MD, Nunwood
Katrina Rochowski, Orange

Luke Allen began by explaining that there are 4 key pillars in insights systems

- Creation of the knowledge
- Identify what is relevant to you when making key decisions
- Distribution
- Measurement

Katrina then explained that 3 different areas feed into insights which are: competitive intelligence, research teams, and strategic insights. They used the agreed approach which included:

- Getting signoff to see if certains things were ok to do from a business standpoint
- Getting technical signoff with IT to make sure that requirements fit with IT roadmaps and infrastructure
- Ensuring the final solution will actually work

The first phase was to figure out requirements of what was needed which included content, IT specifications, and website usability to name a few. The 2nd phase was implementation, which meant developing software to map out the requirements needed. The 3rd and last phase was the launch, which made sure everyone was able to use it easily and maximized exposure.