TMRE Conference Chair: Trend Surfing: Creating Waves of Change

Trend Surfing: Creating Waves of Change
Kelley Styring, Principal, Insight Farm, Event Chairwoman

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How can we grow market research? There’s a dimension missing in market research, and sometimes when you damage something you learn. Kelley’s been creating intense personal experience that’s changed the lense through which she looks at the industry. Last year, Styring presented about what people carry around in their car. Cars are now a habitat, and to do this study, she spent 30 days in a car traveling around to find out more.

She embrased a the idea that bias can contaminate one’s work. When she lived the experience, she understood more of what the consumers were talking about.

Things are happening very quickly on the technology and social network side, and it’s very important to understand what’s going on. Styring is now looking at Twitter.

How does one slice all of the information you can gather on Twitter? In market research, you don’t really know what you’re looking for. You’ve got # signs some are using in Twitter (#TMRE for this conference!), which can be empirical learning, as well as theoretical panels. You can learn about anything. All of this information is collected then graphic and descriptive analysis reveal innovation and insight opportunities. Embrace your inner bias.