TMRE Keynote Presentation from Joan Lewis, P&G Officer, Global CMK

Joan Lewis’ keynote presentation was great! As a researcher who strives to present complex insights in a very simple way, I appreciated her storytelling ability. She drew the audience in through three well-articulated case studies on: Pampers, Olay ProX, Secret Clinical. She described how meaningful consumer insights helped them develop and execute a very clear message and full advertising campaign.

The Pampers UNICEF case study she described resulted in this one message: 1 pack = 1 vaccine. You can see the result of this campaign here. Believe me, the video is worth the 1 minute watch time. I want to buy Pampers, and I don’t need them!

And in typical P&G fashion, she concluded with a very simple, meaningful, clear message about their company belief: “We believe consumer passion brings innovation and competitive advantage.”

And with a quote from their President and CEO, Bob McDonald, “Our purpose inspires us. Our values unite us. And all our innovation capabilities and culture focus us on making small but meaningful differences…every day…for the consumers who have ALWAYS been P&G’s boss and our inspiration.”

Thank you for your inspiration, P&G CMK April Bell