Symposia Session – CBS Television City at the MGM Grand: CBS’s Innovative Multipurpose Research Facility

Speaker: Ramon Ramos, Comcast Sports Group

Ramon begins his presentation by explaining why they chose Las Vegas as their location for their research facility. Las Vegas is a huge tourist attraction bringing thousands of people to the city year round, it has warm weather all-year round, and there are no blue laws prohibiting people from working on Sunday are just some of their reasons why they chose this location. The facility includes the following elements:

‘ Two screening rooms
‘ Two focus group rooms
‘ Seventy 19inch Touch-Screen Computer Monitors
‘ Tobi Eye tracking system
‘ Twenty-four equipped with web cam capabilities
‘ And much more

The facility also serves as a great promotion tool. Not only is research conducted there but there is access to over 33 video displays that reach more than 5 million visitors a year. Employees can also distribute promotional materials and special events are also staged to create awareness on new or existing products.

Here’s a clip from his presentation: