Speakers of TMRE 2009: Phil Roos, Managing Director, Arbor Strategy Group ‘ GfK Strategic Innovation

In the weeks leading up to The Market Research Event 2009, we’re going to be hearing from the speakers of The Market Research Event. This week we have Phil Roos, Managing Director, Arbor Strategy GroupGfK Strategic Innovation, who will be presenting “See the Future: Deciphering Innovation Patterns to Find Tomorrow’s Opportunity Space,” in the Insight Driven Innovation Track on Wednesday, October 21, 2009. To learn more about The Market Research Event, download the brochure here!

1. Tell us about a project you are working on or recently completed that you are proud of? Phil: I am really proud of some work we have been doing for a client (sorry, I have to disguise it) in the health and beauty space, where we have been able to predict and model what type of truly disruptive innovation will emerge and be successful over the next 10 years, and in different parts of the world. There is some really game-changing stuff on the horizon!

2. Think ahead 5 years, what major changes for MR/Consumer Insights do you see? Phil: I believe that the industry will take on a very different shape than it has today. There will be an integration of techniques that go well beyond the traditional, using web technology to reach out to a much broader set of consumers and explore their needs and where they are headed in a much more in-depth and real time manner. There are exciting implications for being able to define tomorrow’s innovation, versus just measuring what people think today. With so much new information out there, the winners will be those who can best synthesize the inputs into something coherent and actionable. It will be an exciting time!

3. What inspired you to get in the field? What keeps you motivated?
Phil: I like solving difficult problems and, though it sounds corny, I like helping people ‘ and this field is as close as you get to a truly ‘helping profession’ within the world of business.