Sponsor Spotlight: Maritz Research Inc.

Today, we’ll continue looking at the companies who are participating in The Market Research Event. Maritz Research Inc. is today’s featured sponsor.

Maritz Research Inc. provides actionable intelligence to achieve business success by identifying and understanding gaps between brand promise and brand performance. As today’s customers compare value propositions at lightning speed, companies must live up to their brand promises again and again. Maritz Research helps you understand and explain customer behavior in this supercharged environment by examining three critical, integrated dynamics: Choice: Why customers select your products or services, Experience: What happens at key “moments of truth” with your customers, & Loyalty: Why customers return, defect, or buy more. The company specializes in the automotive, financial services, hospitality, telecommunications, retail and technology sectors and also offers a custom research group. Maritz is a world leader in customer satisfaction research, helping businesses define, measure, and track satisfaction for more than 30 years. Utilizing research, customer focused training, reward systems, and communications programs, Maritz supports and drives actionable improvement strategies.

Hear more from Maritz Research, Inc and other leaders in market research at The Market Research Event this October 18-21 in Las Vegas!