What Not to Do with Online Marketing

Guy Kawasaki of Entrepreneur.com offers 13 tactics to avoid when trying to make your online marketing a success. What other points can you offer to keep online marketing a valuable resource for your business?

1. Forcing Immediate Registration: Requiring a new user to register is a reasonable request’after you’ve sucked him in. The sites that require registration as the first step are putting a barrier in front of adoption.

2. The Long URL: Say a site generates a URL that’s 70 characters long or more. When you copy, paste, and e-mail this URL, a line break is added. Then, people can’t click on the link or it only links to the first part of the URL.

3. Windows That Don’t Generate URLs: Have you ever wanted to point people to a page, but the page has no URL? Did the company decide it didn’t want referrals, links, and additional traffic?

4. The Unsearchable Web site: Some sites don’t offer a search option. If your site goes deeper than one level, it needs a search box.

For the rest of his theory, be sure to check out his original article here.