Web Seminar: What are Words Worth? New Ways to Optimize Consumer Language

Join us for a Free Web Seminar: What are Words Worth? New Ways to Optimize Consumer Language

Thursday, June 4th from 2:00 PM – 3.00PM EST

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Seeing words, hearing pictures, feeling sounds. You get the picture?

The exploration of consumer language is a key ingredient in understanding what makes people tick. But consumer language is as much visual as verbal. The challenge then is how to get your message home as quickly and clearly as possible. In that first moment of truth, how do you truly engage?

Through a series of original case studies featuring online techniques, we will help you understand how consumers think about one or more of the following words: luxury, indulgence, natural, and quality. What do these words mean? How are they perceived by different types of consumers? We have chosen these words because they reflect the marketing challenges of today, resonating across a wide spectrum of client industries.

As you listen in, you will get a better understanding of what these words mean, the visuals and imagery around what these words represent, and new learning for ways to engage respondents online for deeper, more personal reactions.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:
‘ How to go beneath the surface to uncover consumer emotions and personal connections linked to copy and language
‘ How to improve and refine consumer language critical in exploratory and copy development
‘ New techniques to identify imagery and visual feedback in copy and positioning development
‘ Innovative methods for mining and distilling rich consumer language

Presented by:
Brendan Light, SVP, Research and Development, BuzzBack Market Research