How to research on a tight travel budget

I recently came across the Project Management Tips blog, and they gave five way to continue effective market research even though your travel budget may be down.

1) Use the phone. People love to give their opinions, so dial a few people up to see what they think about what you’re doing.
2) Use online marketing tools. By using GoToMeeting or WebEx, you can see how your customer will use your product by meeting virtually. And they’re cheap compared to a plane ticket.
3) Send out open ended surveys. Join an online survey company, and send out questions that ask for text responses. You’ll receive rich insight by giving your customers a flexible way to answer your questions.
4) Travel locally. Talk to your customers within your region. They’ll provide some insight as to whether you’re targeting your customers correctly.
5) Double up on your travel. If you’ll already be out of town for a business related event, see if you can spend another day and gather opinions of your customers in the tow you’re visiting.

These are some great tips. Do you have anything to add?