Being green important to customers

At the B2B Blog, they reveal the latest studies about how consumers are looking at the new green revolution. Of the customers surveyed, three in four have defined themselves as green, and 57% of those have made a green purchase within the past six months. The younger generation, those age 18 – 34, 24% believe that it’s trendy to be green. What is your company doing to capture this new trend?

Alaska Airlines focuses on customer service

Although Alaska Airlines is facing turmoil along with the rest of the airline industry, they’re determined to maintain their high level of customer service. They recognize that they need to maintain and grow their customer base to stay ahead in the future. Information Week has the story. That’s why they’ve come up with a new system to keep their customers informed as to their airline delays and a new innovative way to help customers reschedule their flights using Oracle’s Siebel Loyalty Management. Their first test was on December 20, when a bad weather along the west coast, an automated service emailed their frequent fliers who had flights canceled, and allowed customers to alter their travel plans online, instead of waiting in line to deal with a customer service representative. They’re looking to make the flying experience less stressful for their customers, and have developed this innovative service which will appeal to frequent fliers.

A community to help you keep your New Years resolution

I Am the Solution is a new social networking site for the New Year. Sponsored by Family First, a non profit organization that focuses on family services, this online community encourages you to create a New Years resolution that is selfless, such as volunteering, giving money, or acknowledging a personal need, and through your online profile, you’re held accountable for maintaining your resolution. Family First will highlight individuals who stick to their resolutions throughout the year. For more information, read here.