Bob Liodice, President-CEO: Ten Rules when Times Are Tough has a great excerpt on their blog concerning 10 golden rules to remember when times are tough. These rules are taken from Bob Liodice, President-CEO of the ANA and provide insight into the b2b world, and for this blog’s purposes, market research.

His first rule:
1. Passion And Leadership Are ImperativeThe most successful brands are headed up by strong, visible and vocal leaders, who have total belief in the business, the brand, and what it represents. Such passion is inspiring and infectious; it will spread to others in the organization, who then all play their part in ensuring success.

I find to be the most inspiring, though the other 9 are pretty fantastic. This number one rule is particularly imperative for market research. Be passionate about what you’re researching, find your audience and with a full voice–move forward.

Check out the list and get back to us. We’d love to hear your thoughts.