Speaker Profile: Kelley Styring

With the The Market Research Event quickly approaching, we would like to begin to introduce you to the keynote speakers we will have this year at our event. This year, The Market Research Event will take place from October 13 – 16, 2008 in Anaheim, California at the Disneyland Hotel. To start, we would like to introduce you to Kelley Styring. Well known for her ‘In Your Purse Study: Archaeology of the American Handbag,’ Kelley has been involved with companies like Proctor and Gamble and Pepsi Co., managing their market research divisions.
In 2003, she founded Insight Farm, in Newberg, Oregon, a customer strategy and market research consultancy to help Fortune 100 companies improve their customer insight. Her well known study, ‘In Your Purse’ had Kelley looking through 100 purses to see how the purse connected a woman’s home to the store she was shopping at. She was able to pinpoint a few innovations that companies could use to improve when trying to vie for room in a woman’s purse.
Kelley’s latest research project is researching what people carry in their car. Her new research study has been called In Your Car Roadtrip. She’s recently completed her road trip around the nation to find out what the people of the United States have in their car and what innovations can be made to lure in the American public. You can follow up on her blog and Flickr photos of the trip. She’ll be explaining her findings the first night of the Market Research Event.
We invite you to come see Kelley Styring at The Market Research Event as she presents his keynote speech on Tuesday, October 14th, Hitting the Road to Uncover Innovations.
Watch an interview with Kelley Styring from Good Morning Texas:

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